The $10 toaster...

Around 5 years ago I bought a cheap toaster...$10. The price was right, the product was wrong. The temperature setting was too touchy that the slightest turn was uncooked or burnt. Possibly before I moved or during the yard sale getaway, the toaster disappeared. I didn't miss it because it was horrible, but I really wanted a toaster.
Last week, when shopping at Walmart, I bought another cheap toaster... yes, $10.
It seems low-end toasters haven't been affected by inflation.
I started it up without toast to get the 'new smell' out of it. The apartment quickly smelled of burned plastic and I unplugged it in fear it would set off the smoke detector alarm.

My partner said "Take it back" but I persisted. I moved it to the 2nd bathroom, turned on the exhaust fan and started another round of making (empty) toast. Allowing it to cool, I went for 2 more rounds. Little by little the burned plastic smell disappeared and the door closed in the bathroom kept the apartment from smelling like... burned plastic.

I had an English muffin I wanted to toast, so I split it, put it on a plate and headed to the bathroom. When asked where I was going... my response was "I'm going to make toast!"

Just to avoid questions about health and safety. It's a 2 bedroom / 2 bath condo and that bathroom (with a shower) is used for storage, the toilet has a plastic cover (like hotels) and the sink is only used for dental, water-pik, hand washing, mustache trimming, etc.
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But you're not concerned with the carcinogens going into your English muffin? Nothing wrong with being cheap Chat because I think I bought that same toasterlaugh But yeah... Listen to your wife for once. There's something wrong.
I'm okay... all the smell has disappeared.
Toasters no longer have asbestos for the insulators.
Hello Mr. El Cheapo. wave

I'm glad your wife got you and not me. tongue

Cooking in the bathroom?
That is a new low. laugh handshake
I'll be using the toaster once or twice a week.
Fear not, It's getting moved to the kitchen.
I cannot justify something better.
We were gifted an air fryer last Christmas and it's in the box... never been used.

The 2nd bathroom is mostly used as storage.
There is a wire shelving unit in the 3' x 3' stall shower holding some electronics, winter clothes, boxes of business records, vaporizer, electric heater, etc.

And... she's glad too!
Today is the 10 year anniversary of our first meeting.
heart beating
See! you DO get (at most) what you pay for. And sure enough you got at most what you paid for! Does it have a lifter (mine doesn't - grrr)? Never buy a toaster without! At least it has lasted about 20 years.
I reckon you ate the muffin while taking a dump at the same timebarf
I reckon you didn't read the toilet is covered in plastic.
The previous toaster would sometimes kick the toast up and out... that is when it didn't snag inside and incinerate.
Cooking toast in the bathroom? laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Obviously, this needs MORE explanation.

The shower bath was converted into a powder room then into a storage room with a sink.
The toilet was thoroughly cleaned and covered with plastic.

No one poos in there.

That bathroom has an exhaust fan (aka fart filter) and it was a good idea to 'break-in' a new toaster that was giving off a smell of burned plastic.
I plugged in the toaster and ran it a few times WITHOUT food until the new smell disappeared. When it no longer had a new smell, I tested it once with an English Muffin.

It's now going to be used in the kitchen as intended.
Crumpets are a toaster problem. I guess America doesn't have the British/Australian 'crumpet' ambiguity issue? Hot buttered crumpet on the side? But crumpet diameter is perhaps less than the standard bread width, and invites burnt fingers if you cannot just pinch the edge. Hence the need for a lever lifter.
A toaster oven would be the correct appliance for buttered crumpets.

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site
Maybe next time, break-in a new cheap plastic toaster..outside on your patio, or, open some windows...I bet you wish you had done that...laugh It would have been easier, than having to explain...the bathroom...

I buy cheap children have bought me expensive ones. They last the same 2 years...I just bout a new one a few months ago....Under $30.00...
I reckon you lied about it being covered in plasticprofessor
@OP Buttered crumpet reminds me of seeing a new Chinese arrival in Australia buttering a toasted Ham and cheese sandwich on the outside. With the toast the butter is inside, and first. With the crumpet, on top and after.
Oh wow, thanks Gordon Ramsay
No power on the screened patio.
Gordon Ramsay??? Spew vomit - that awful hideous foul-mouth??? Maybe Jamie!
Jamie Ramsay? Never heard of her
Lordy I use my air fryer for everything. I don't eat toast though. I just got the Ninja grill which is also an air fryer, grill, it bakes and dehydrates. I LOVE IT and use it five times a week. Chicken wings, burgers, shrimp so fast so good. Super easy clean up.
Ninja grill on Amazon... $220
That's too expensive for Mr. El Cheapo. rolling on the floor laughing wave
Considering I have an air fryer new in the box, never used. I'm now undecided what to do.
Currently I have the toaster oven pictured below.
$40 and it's so-so in performance. I was thinking about a turbo toaster oven, but not an all-in-one with air fryer and dehydrator...
Hmmm... $220.

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I have never had a home where the toilet is in the same room as my nathroom..My toiulet is a room on it's own..I look at it like you get what you pay for
*Bathroom &* Toilet
Mercedes, you may not like a visit to America where most homes are built this way.
The tub, toilet, lavatory sink are in one room often smaller than 5 feet by 9 feet.

Embedded image from another site

It isn't until you get into larger dwellings where the master bathroom has separate areas for the toilet (water closet) tub, shower, vanity sinks and makeup area.

Many of the renovation projects I've worked on will convert a tub to a shower (in the master) if a tub bath exists elsewhere in the house.

Embedded image from another site

Shower, toilet, lavatory all in one room.
@snookies Jamie Oliver (cretin!!!). I loathe and detest Ramsay with a passion. Jamie made a nice TED talk or two. But he (his chain) managed to go broke for GBP 80m nonetheless.
Keep your hair on
Hair is no more!
While we are on toasters and Jamie Oliver...

... but of course there is no toaster involved. Why is it French toast then, I ask myself?
I think Jamie's a crap chef
Thanks for those pics chat

We too have toilets in the bathroom here in Aus..I choose not to that's all
@OP you really know that CS blogger land is deep and meaningful when $10 toasters just about tops the pops here! There is in fact nothing much else, if anything at all, worth responding to! yawn
I've got a plan... there's enough counter space to install the air fryer on one side of the sink and the toaster on the other.
thumbs up
For the record, English muffins are coming out good.
@OP and why didn't you respond 'fortunately I found my wife, and not you!'?
FF... huh? I don't follow what you are talking about.
Me neither, I reckon he's mental
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