Flow. } .chart.

Tag. | .range....2022.
2022. Mtn. Range...... ^•^ ..2023. another Mtn.
944. . production * ...........1046..house of Escape
1078. .... ................ ) .........3069.. .y h v h.
.....896. Babylonian.....) .925. . shining
....182. .turnings............ 153. .force.
.* .per Cecil Parkinson, a physical 'thing'
With Sub Ordinates manifesting indefinitely at a fixed rate...viz.
....14 th Century b.c.... | ..148. chief Astrologer
Baal / bel ] .in the Ras .|...930. X L .beast.
Shamra texts is 'hadad' [ .baal - Hadad..
God of the Atmosphere, Clouds & Tempest.
..He weilded the Thunderbolt & dispensed rain.
At the head of the Pantheon stood El. The Great one from remote times was honored by all the Western Semites...Invoked under various Titles..
.most important being; bull'El . ) .Bel. ( .1078.
The idea of power thus symbolized by the bull..[ papal bull..[ .SoD. / super Old Dictionary.
.bullz eYe...) Bull dozer...) .bull $hitray.[ .policy.
..... standby. )
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Part 2.
.1189.... [ .the cypher *
. 111. .severe.
1078.... .) . My doctrine will drop as rain..- moshe.
* Why 1189 ? ..for 2 reasons - both Logical
The English Bible has 1189 chapters. And partial thanks to Francis Bacon, makes psalm 118:9 the
Central verse of said product.
.6487. .kept in store........3376. fear of Yah.
1078..[ .pslm 107:8........2187..leap forward
7565. Thunderbolt [ s.....1189..baal of Winter / N.orth

You $ee, your paper Currency, your Churches / lodges
The Calendar & government State & Fed. Have
Orientation & Effects of Baal worship. See, reflection pool; on 1 side an Egyptian phallus oblesik..on the
Other side a dome / womb / hive. Plus and minus for you Election buffs.
.the mystery religion winds its way into everything.. which will be more Evident in the transfer from 5 gee to six G. ( .total surveillance system.
Down by h20 ./ .H A R V E Y
.black umbrella ) thought Industry
Stormbringer ) deep purple
Syn Tax. ) Don't think. Obey ! ) Stormbringer.
Original 1189 bench test / strong Dictionary
214. Armory
216. .owr ) illum. Lightning
217. Uwr. [ 4 ...flame, Light. East x wake up.
223 .flame of Yah .[ Uriyah.
319. .the End.
1189. Baal ' Tsyphon [ 2
........594. I / .eYe.
........595. pL. ) Plumbline.
1189..Lord of Stormwind / aka North.
Paradox alert..
.take away nimrod / Baal..
& Peter. Paul & Mary..
..and take away Roman cats..et al..
.then heavy metal, thrash metal & death metal
Virtually DISAPPEAR *( .Along with it..

$eeing * as how they have [ 0 ] . Left to discuss...
Do or Die ) Testament
Hallowed be thy Name ) blk sabbath
Candle mass ) septic Flesh
Number of the beast. ) Iron maiden
$yn Tax. ) . Jesus saves. ) Slayer.
A R. ) .burnt offerings. ) . testament.
WOW what a ride...had to put my oratory seat belt on for this one. conversing thumbs up
laugh there's aways the rest of the story like Paul Harvey.
Thanks Ladies.
...wish I had made the discovery in the fab 70's..
Nevertheless..it did dawn on me late...
...plan of the big blue book | 1890. Madison NJ.
.intro & Abbreviation s.
..Main Concordance
3. Appendix of Articles, preposition ) conjunction s.
..hebrew & chaldee alef- Numerical Dictionary.
.how to use the Greek Dictionary- primer.
Plan of the Greeks ....$ymbols.
G/7.. Greek Dictionary..[ .of the new test.

Word of Tommorow ) .5303. ne' phyil.

2008. F A R
3295. .[ 2....forest ; honeycomb ( as hives in a tree.
5303. G I A N T S .
...if eYe see farther ...it's bee cause I stand on shoulders of a giant.." - sir Newton

Flood. ) They might be Giants.
Gigantic. ) . pixels
Super Position } Young the giant
Sin Tax. ) Stargazer* ) . rainbow

Show time here all the way back to Baal- Nimrod
Aka Master / Lord of the Rebellion.*
..btw. Gilgamesh aka Adonis or Ausir n'marad
Is the First King & was a Giant..) 2/3 god..
1/3 man...hence the lore of 33 ..
Strong Example of Scienter & permanent Halloween
8 films saying 237 before the Shining.
.. tonight's feature Film.
Channel | shawnfella. [ .you tube.
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