Wow, that's quite a lot of bullsh*t!

British Company Develops First Tractor in the World to be Completely Powered by Cow Dung. True story...laugh

New Holland’s brand new tractor runs on liquified methane, allowing farmers to decrease their emissions and save money on expensive diesel. But that isn’t the only reason it’s more efficient, as the company says the fuel can easily be produced by methane from cow pies, allowing for a more circular economic model in the most circular of industries.

The pioneering 270hp tractor is claimed to be a match for the performance of standard diesel-powered versions. The groundbreaking machine was developed by British company Bennamann, which has been researching and developing biomethane production for over a decade. Waste byproducts from a herd as small as 100 cows are turned into a fuel called fugitive methane in a biomethane storage unit based on the farm.

A cryogenic tank fitted on the tractor keeps the methane in liquid form at -162 degrees°C giving the vehicle as much power as a diesel but with significant emission savings. It was put through its paces during a pilot run on a farm in Cornwall where carbon dioxide emissions were slashed from 2,500 metric tons to 500 metric tons in just a year.

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Hey D, i don't know if that tractor would catch on here in NZ the farmers have enough crap to deal with from govt..
I'd love to take that tractor for a trash, 270hp is up there in the tractor world..
Excellent and it conjures some other ideas.What about the manure spreaders, how crazy is that.

rolling on the floor laughing
laugh Lot's of crap everywhere B, but I guess it's only a particular type of crap that could power those tractors!rolling on the floor laughing
I think maybe some crap coming from the tractor company to, and major crap coming climate change people..
Climate lockdown is in the air now, can you smell it ?
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