I cannot believe this is real.
I bought family Christmas presents obviously paying vat, tva in france, posted said presents to the UK again paying more tax. Now find out that they won't deliver the parcel until yet more tax has been paid in the UK. So basically paying 3 lots of tax on Christmas presents and yes there is nothing I can do about it very mad
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That sucks big time Emmy, you know better what to do next time for sure............teddybear
I often wonder if flying suitable items in a luggage, to be picked up is not easier and cheaper.
Would you be able to get that arranged in a small town with your trustworthy frequent flyer?

(Of course they buy their own ticket and probably travel light).

Like a courier..maybe you could have a startup business.
Oh I'll definately know better for the next time apparently if the present costs less than £39 its no tax.
And yes next time ill hunt around for someone going back to the uk for Christmas. I was just gobsmacked at paying tax 3 times.
From 1 January 2021, the collection of duties and taxes for the import of commercial goods into the UK will change with immediate effect. The value-added tax (VAT) applicable to commercial items valued at £15 - £135 entering the UK will now be expanded to £0 - £135 (inclusive), meaning the £15 lower limit is abolished. The VAT on these items will also now have to be pre-paid.
Thanks Rob wish I'd known that before. What got me was I'd sent two parcels a month before and no problems or extra taxes, where I'm concerned brexit has caused a lot of problems so in the grand scheme of things this is little rolling on the floor laughing
probably get worse before gets better; have happy new year anywaywave
Thanks Rob lol so far 2023 has been arghhh, but happy and healthy new year to you too.
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