knowing waht is right or wrong,

what does it take for someone to be a good person. to be helpful, to be considerate, to be honest, to know how to treat a lady to know how to treat a mom, all these things are important, and right. but u raise your children, and somehow they turn on you, u try to have a life,a nd somehow u cant find that one person that can love u for you your own flesh and blood have issues. and the men yu come in contact want other things, u wish everyne would do waht is right. and fair is that asking so much, to be accepting, to be sincere, to be respectful, to be a gentleman, waht does that take, no t much effort, all it take s is care, concern and kindness and knowin to do what is right. thats al for now
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am apetite, jewish lady, sincere, honest, down to earth, mother.grandma, dowork, have adog, and friends amveyr sesnsitive, caring, like music, reading, enjoy helping people and doing kind acts. ama simple downto earth lady looking for a friend [read more]

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