An intriguing new form of spam called Brushing (ecommerce)

I received a 10cm cube box, containing junk jewellery labelled 'Cartier', a necklace with a strange pendant. Marked at value $5, with a docket inside showing CNY 15,200 (oh yeah, pull the other one!). Sent from Fuzhou, showing a Jewellery shop address in HK. Mystified, and wondering what the scam could be, I browsed a little.


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Fits the bill exactly even to the name of the "Switzerland Jewelry Watch Shop". Trash collection was Tuesday
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Thanks for the alert. Does the delivery service have a means to report this? If the US Postal Service were involved, you would report mail fraud to US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS).
No need - it is harmless for you as the recipient, but defrauds later buyers who are deceived by the +ve reports and spend MUCH more. These companies frequently cash in and move on under other names. Part of the online ecommerce era!
There are official online fraud scam reporting sites which are government based. Just search for 'reporting online fraud' but maybe cut down the bitcoin responses by adding -bitcoin -cryptocurrency (whoops that increased the responses to 400m+!)
At the start of your op I thought of that more mainstream scheme where you buy a box full of electronics, or jewellery that may, or may not have items worth more than you paid.

Perhaps the jewellery brushing scam is better disguised than the seed one that caused so much panic and public interest. laugh
This 'scam' just buys a +ve review, 10/10, five stars, for percentages. Interesting the will spend $5-10 just to buy a positive rating - well not even buy - fake
Ratings have a big impact upon sales despite being fairly meaningless even without a scam.
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