Jacqueline du Pré

The movie Hilary and Jackie happened to be playing tonight on SBS - I had been a great 'cello fan back then, late 60s early 70s in the days of Rostropovich and then Du Pre (Barenboim and Du Pre, what a star pair!). I clearly recall the grief of the MS announcement and then her disappearance from performances.
Hearing a passage from the Elgar I put the film on hold and binged on Rostropovitch Du Pre then Yoyo Ma, who as it happened acquired the Du Pre Stradivarius on loan.
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So then I wondered why such music brings tears to the eyes! Mine I think fit the 'Stendhal Syndrome'
That is such a powerful piece of music, and the first note tells me what I am going to hear and I have a copy of her playing this piece which I love so much.
Stendhal Syndrome...?

I'll remember that next time I'm blubbing my heart out listening* to a large Welsh male voice choir.

*it's more like feeling, than listening laugh

I can still see the guitar fingering for this wonderful piece which I fought with so often so long ago, but could never make it sing as she does with the cello.
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