John Cleese on a**holes 'a**holes: a theory'

According to Cleese 99% are males
Canadian a*holes are few, it is more an American attribute but then there is a case against the RCMP...
American fraternities - interesting to hear one professor who told a student why she wouldn't speak to him
Hedge funds as an a**hole factory...
What happens when you elect an a**hole to run your country? No country named except Berlusconi as an a**hole example
Zuckerberg too but no mention of Trump who surely is the most prominent example.
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Also pedo Joe should be on the list and anyone who harassed BCJenny scold
U might need an azzhole on your side when you opponent is people like Hillary
and Bidet who wanna continue to f u over for ever and ever.
Who don't see you as other than voting sheeple.
Or as she famously said: basket of deploreables. That is her attitude fargo.
You still don't get that 2016 was a protest vote, against something?
And let's say you can see that, what you recon that something might be Fargo?

So team up with a good old fashioned hardcore business man from the big applle then.
What the Hekk have you got to lose anyway?! (Trump saying)

Big Apple. And pls don't come back saying it was a humor blog....
and therefore not to be take seriously... pls
That's what some people fancy in times of failure. A charismatic strongman from the far-right to restore order to the chaos, a man with the brass a**hole to put a lid on the squid.
I wonder how he found this list, what was Fargo searching for on google laugh
Geese... I'm feeling fortunate being in the 1%
I believe his estimate is a bit high though. I'd say maybe 50%. Probably the same Down Under too! But you know that 86.6% of statistics are made up on the spot.drinking
Absolutely so. And when you know the once functioning people rule
has been completely taken over by lobbyists... then Trump for sure
can not make it any worse, only better!
And boy did he deliver! Best president ever.

Apart for the obvious need of a saviour a la Trump in America,
we see strong support for Hungarys Urban (due to EU's no border mayham)
and Putin who is the strong man over there mostly cos the country is not yet ready for
real democracy.
As is the case in Ukraine too; ruled by a clique on top.
Good one Ray haha

Fargo- some harmless humor- don't get your knicks in a twist now.. teddybear
One does not need to search to find - this was a youtube sidebar random choice. No idea why youtube selected this for my playing amongst the agadmator numberphile music snooker and ufc clips.
seems clear to me that the definition of a real a**hole is one who goes around calling everyone else one.
Yet it does seem to be a gender specific word; I cannot recall using it at all of late, but I might make an exception for our recently banned Pinay American!
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