A Russian student video (English) Ice cycling on Finland Bay

With permission:
He's from St Petersburg, and with a friend catches the train to a lake or to the Baltic sea. Far too hair-raising for me! Last time (being too early in the season I thought) his friend ended up in the lake, but near enough to the shore. As the commentary goes, the friend has two orange picks on his shoulders to extract himself from the ice. There is mention of ice kiting but I didn't see it, only the indigenous ice fishermen. Towards the end the narrator tells a joke about ice fishermen.
Finland bay is up there near top right corner

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When I asked him for permission, he replied. Yes. I don't care about copyright, I am Russian after all!
What is Ice cycling?
Riding your bicycle on frozen lakes or sea - as per the video.
... and snow kiting is skiing on snow/ice using a kite sail
He'll be sorry if the ice breaks and he gets swallowed by a penguinprofessor
When I was in my mid teens before I could drive a car I got around on a 3 speed Rudge English Racer (bicycle). I worked at a grocery store stacking shelves and doing deliveries to earn enough money to buy a brand new bike for $60.00. a fortune to me in those days. Below freezing temps didn't stop me from riding my bike. One day in the dead of Winter I rode to Central Park which was about a mile from our apt in the Yorkville section of Manhattan. What we called "Rowboat Lake" was frozen over and I decided to ride my bike on the lake for whatever reason. I rode on the frozen lake from one end to the other with no trouble what-so-ever. Of course I had to be really careful not to lean the bike at all going around in a turn or I would surely have fallen over as my tires slid out from under me. I had to stay as vertical as possible.
the Russians I spoke of of course had special tyres, but still, on occasion, ended up horizontal
... most of my bone breaks have come from bicycle falls - jaw (that was a shocker) and wrist/thumb so I cannot chew steaks and cannot open jars! I'm sure as hell not going to ride on ice!
Well, usually the ice is plenty thick and no danger.
You can even drive cars on it when proper frozen
so that happens on selected lakes here, they race on it.

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