Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ CXX ]

Chapter I:

“Only someone with Identity, could ever understand the deceit of our times. And this man I’ve just encountered, has Identity, I can just see it in its eyes, reflecting its soul. Beyond the veil of this world, there is Life, in a spring of Wisdom, surrounding entire earth with Love. We as human beings, barely if we catch a glimpse, of this Everything, of this Whole, which for millennia, is being explored by the minds of those who have turned their Intelligence, into Madness. These types of deviants, becalled teachers of the world, have gathered wickedness in their hearts, in the seeking of what is a Human Being and what is this world, this Realm, in which it lives, across times, being deceived by the devils, inventing new sciences of man, naming them such as, while all was a trickery, a deceit, even spreading to the cult worshipping, and of course, religions, fabricated in order to control the mankind, through a System of Trade, which by priesthood, to act upon molding of nations, in obedience, towards the masters – those lurking in the shadow, inheriting the seed of Cain. The same wicked hearts, have invented magic and witchcraft, with a lineage of people deceived by demons, becalling themselves mages and witches, in their rituals worshipping the very devils which deceived mankind, giving them a dark, obscure knowledge which is oriented for trapping their souls to perdition. In the same way, these deviances, united with cult worshipping, idolatry, giving birth to the myths, with ancient gods – which were nothing else but humans, which through ruling, became tyrants, cruel beasts who subdued tribes and later whole nations, to their empires of lawlessness, - empires which moved from one dynasty to another, the rulers inheriting the seed of Cain, carrying it along millennia, till our times, awaiting retribution, - times in which their entire linage of darkness and evil, will be eradicated, once and for all, these times being called rightfully, by the saints who warned the nations that Age of Deceit shall come. The people of our times, are being educated in a history made out of lies, a history modified from a generation to another, with new lies spread once in a while, but often, decade by decade, re-shaping it for molding of people, indicating how the same strategies of the ancients are being used, with success, in our days. People, are turned to be slaves, and as an ultimate form of slavery, to produce via this deviant education, a type of slave which is willingly serving the master, even adoring its master, - a type of slave who doesn’t even know it is a slave, as the best slaves are those who blindly serving more masters without to even realize. These ancient sciences, of controlling mankind, developed chains through all what is magic, witchcraft, combining them with cult worshipping, rituals, ceremonies, and later, religions, in a mix now with more plausible sciences which are giving inventions, charming the people, who have no idea neither of their history, of their Real History, neither of how they are being controlled, through all what is ancient. The same ancient sciences, so as the old mistery religions, developed paths into mind control techniques, which are recorded through a continuous observation upon humans, in summing up, what in the ancient times were available only to highest circles of elites, kings, emperors, then, lower classes among the rich, such as those close to the courts, - their education, primarily, was based on parts of these sciences, fully available being only for a separate circle, connecting all what is priesthood, they being in contact directly with the rulers from the shadow, the deviants united under their own cult, their own religion, their own rituals and ceremonies.

[ … ]
- Shall be continued…

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