Super Bowl LVII

Feb 12, 2023, look for my Cincinnati Bengals to meet the San Francisco 49'ers in this years Super Bowl. The only times my Bengals went to the Super Bowl was in the 80's, in Jan. 1982 and Jan 1989. Both were against San Francisco. Last year my Bengals went to their third Super Bowl, and we played the L.A. Rams, who just knocked off San Fran. My Bengals lost again in that one, but now everything's coming together to get that sweet revenge I had been waiting for with a third meeting with San Fran.

Right now my Bengals will have to get past Kansas City this coming Sunday, and San Fran. will have to get past Philly.

Any football fans out there with any thoughts, feel free to share.
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Everyone that did not make it there loves to root for the underdog!! cheering
Bengals vs SF in Superbowl. Sf Wins...sorry Shawn
Is superbowl what fat people est their cereal out of?
Hey, San Fran. doesn't have Joe Montana like they did back in the 80's. laugh
Two steps away..
We gotta get past Sunday...
Bengals first Super Bowl Jan. 1982.

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Bengals second Super Bowl Jan. 1989

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What does LV11 mean, is it a cell phone?

That's awesome!
rolling on the floor laughing I just read in forums they call you bunghole.
I guess that's the extent of
your CS welcome.
I'm surprised they don't call him anything worse than that over there... laugh
Take that back!
They were Shawn.

Take what back?

gift ok
I remember the first time they played in the Super Bowl It was at the Pontiac Silverdome north of Detroit. I was living there at the time. 49er fans arrived early in the week and partied all over the bars and taverns in the Detroit area. Bengal fans arrived on Friday and Saturday because it was only a 5 hour drive. Great match up. Hope I see it again.
My prediction today...

Cincinnati over K.C. 34-17.

San Fran. beats Philly 28-14.

Cincinnati vs San Fran. in Super Bowl
wave so many things could happen until then.

(football related of course)

Well, Purdy's (49 er's quarterback) out, so it doesn't look good for San Fran. now.
My son made me laugh,
he said it should come down
to the 2 "animal" named teams.
thumbs up
Yeah buddy cheers
Well, I'm disappointed that San Fran. won't being going AGAIN this year. Last year they lost to the L.A. Rams. Now for my Bengals to get past K.C. to face Philly.
I think I'd rather catch a Super Bowl, in Vegas.
Brutal sigh
My Bengals are not playing hard. We're not putting any heat on their quarterback at all like they are with ours. A lot of stupid play calling by my Bengals.thumbs down
They're all freezing their _ off.
No worries about that last 4 seconds.The 1st half score is not bad for an away game.
You guys just caught a break at their quarterbacks expense.
Tie game, time for a side bet during the commercial break...
If they win I _.
If they lose you_.

Email quick.
My Bengals played like sh*t tonight.

I'm going to root for K.C. against Philly.
.eYe learned 1 thing from the TV yesterday.
..there is a bear coming to Amerika...
..[ . courtesy of Hollywood CA..]
...and he is a "Cocaine Bear."

McBob. ) On my first day @ cub scouts.[ Bobcat initiate, 1965. ] ..we learned..
.. don't poke the Bear.

teddybear ) .bear with me.
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