Coke and Pepsi are now more expensive than gasoline...

I went for a quick grocery run last night, specifically to get some Diet Coke. It's been weeks and I wanted the flavor of soda. Typically, I drink no calorie seltzer water with natural flavors, 2 liter bottles are 5 for $5 and that price has been stable for a few years.
Publix market prices each for a dollar so you don't have to get all 5 for the special price.

Coke and Pepsi products were rising slowly. They compete so (like a Mafia business) when one goes up... the other follows. I last recall and buying Pepsi in November 2022 and the price was around $1.79 for a 2 liter bottle. Soon after, they were running some by 2, get the 3rd at 50% off sale, but I wasn't interested.

Sticker shock came to me seeing Both Coke and Pepsi are now 2 for $6. I'm sure people in the next aisle heard some profanity... "You MotherFK'ing bastards" or something like that!

Gas prices were going up and down here, but on the rise. $3.09 in December and this week jumped to $3.49 in my neighborhood. I was in Miami this morning and it's more there.

7-UP and Sprite were actually $3.39 making Pepsi sound like a bargain.

I resorted to Publix brand diet soda... it's still at $1.00 for a 2 liter bottle.

The gas stations were busy and the racks with Coke and Pepsi were full, so it appears the consumers are better off buying gasoline now that it's cheaper than Coke!
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Milestone: 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola is now $3.49.
Coincidentally, in China Water is more expensive than Beer!
Do you realise how bad for you are all those sodas? It's all artificial!!!

As for diet ones, they contain ASPARTAME!!!doh
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

(very smart politiciansdoh)
I'm glad you didn't buy 2 get 1 50% off. That's unhelpful marketing encouraging you to overconsume when there's inflation in the economy and plastic in the sea, and then they've been a stingy bastard about it. Get 1 50% off? You know there's water in the tap
And your health. Water is good for your health especially the water from the tap(at least in this country). Diet coke can't be doing you any favours it's so much harder to stay healthy when you do not have the taste buds of a normal human being
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Cola wars | America's Untold Stories.
That's correct.
When I drink diet soda, it's usually 25% Coke or Pepsi and 75% seltzer.
A 2-liter bottle lasts about a month.
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