This isn’t as strange as I first thought.

I might be a bit strange, but I’ve always preferred the company of men, to that of women. Perhaps it’s because I grew up amongst 3 brothers and vacationed at the home of grandparents amongst my 4 uncles and their guy friends who lived next door, played with more boys than girls in my neighbourhood and at school and was a tomboy. All of the above seems plausible.laugh

Even when I had girls as classmates (I attended all-girl high schools, before going to a co-ed one to further my studies), I never fully understood their obsession with boys, gossip and sex, so there wasn’t much we could talk about. My interest in boys changed quite accidentally, when I was kissed by a boy who I had only met for a few hours blushing. He was the nephew of my then stepmother and had been vacationing at my father’s home when my (now deceased) brother and I visited. It was unexpected, but quite nice, and I had then found another reason to prefer the company of a ‘man’.winkgiggle

As I’ve gotten older, that hasn’t changed much. I do spend more time with women, yes, but I often find myself becoming involved in trivial discussions (e.g. house chores, children and gossip), whilst I sometimes yearn for the perspective of a man on other topics. I know that I can’t be the only woman who thinks this way, and the same is probably true of some men my age and older.

What do you think?hmmm
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What do you think?
Men are easier to figure out because they only need: food, sleep, sex, poop and not necessarily in that same order.
That may be so, Chat, but are you implying that that may be why I prefer their company?hmmm If so, then no, it's more than that, for sure.
The company of a gentleman
Author: Didi7

I desire the company of a gentleman,
Someone mature and wise.
A man who knows his own worth,
But is also aware of mine.

A man who…
Doesn’t feel the need to pretend he knows it all;
He listens and reflects.
The things we’d share would bring to bear
Our mutual respect.

Kind and content, faithful and true,
These would be some of his traits.
Understanding, strong and brave too,
Would certainly suffice as good gifts.

And what about his company in places of privacy,
When there’s nobody else there but us?
Well, just as a gentleman never kisses and tells,
That’s not something a lady’d discuss.wink wine
I don't seem to feel uncomfortable around women as much as men because men seem to have more ulterior motives.
For me, it depends what mood I'm in. Like, a sporting event, I prefer being around the guys. For just about anything else, probably women. angel
That just might be part of the allure for me, Fay.wink grin
I see your point about sports, Shawn. Shopping might be women's equivalent to sports; that's something many of us enjoy doing without
I never associated with WOMEN. It appears I don't get along with them.
I do enjoy being friends with Men. If there is a mutual attraction to ONE man, then I would enjoy spending quality time with him.

Lordly, lordly, it would be great to date a man and to experience that butterfly in my stomach.
2023 has to bring me one.
laugh Friendship my dear, say your prayers, keep your fingers & toes crossed, and put yourself out there. This may just be your year (and mine toogrin).
Just as I prefer the company of men, more than that of women, I know that there are men who prefer the company or women, more than men. Shawn mentioned 'sports' as being one of his favourite times to be amongst other me, and that makes sense to me.

But what about other times?hmmm Watching movies? Drinking at a bar? ......?
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