Kurosawa - Red Beard 1965

I watched Kurosawa's Red Beard from Archive.org - one of the very few of his I had not already seen. Black and white, unusual amount of dialogue and psychology, not a sword in sight. Mifune with a beard (which comments claim he detested) was consistently grumpy throughout - so what else can you expect! IMDB rate it at 8.3 and I think that's about right, a high quality, lovely film. Come to think of it, there was a dress sword at the betrothal ceremony, but certainly none drawn. The Kurosawa bird sounds were there of course, but in heavy rain, one thing I noted. When I was in the Japanese countryside I kept an ear cocked, but did not hear them. Terumi Niki as Otoyo was particularly appealing, I thought.

It seems I've discovered a treasure trove of free series and movies recently
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