In the car?

No it never quite happened. Once almost, the Fiat 500, long black hair but never saw her again and no idea why, not a word spoken. A little like what's her double-barrelled name, I spoke with her brother a decade or so ago. 1964? she went out with John Lennon on their tour here, never saw her again either... such is life!
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laugh 1964? Jesus!! And you haven't changed a bit! Keep on keeping on! laugh

Great year that, 1964 very happy

Because I know you're a fan of his roll eyes
any chance you named your car Rafferty?

A fan of Val Doonican? Far from it, He was a form of punishment on NZ TV in the late 60s early 70s, like Perry Como about 10 years earlier in Australia. Detested and loathed!
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