she comes and goes like a sprite

she comes and goes like a sprite
sometimes gentle sometimes brutal
yet never a sign of spite.
a will o the whisp it seems
and so, offended I had resolved
not to speak or greet
but my decision dissolved
with her first song
so I welcomed her
resolution proving not so strong,
gone again she stayed not long.
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Loved those words just shows how we can get something wrong thumbs up
Oh my" but you've still got it bad comfort

What you need is a bottle of plonk and some soothing music for the soul drink pouring

@cw now you've really done it! I've got images of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin stuck in me head and what's worse:
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore (1953 eight years old)

Embedded image from another site
my! my! my! Oh me god!
So you do know some good music after all ....

keep it up and you'll soon be stepping it out with Mr Humperdinck dancing

Jerry Lewis was one of the best in his time wine
@CW it was a toss-up between this and Doris Day's version of 'How Much is that...'

The version below is perhaps more interesting for the backing but lacking visual; her first release seems to have been 1948, but I would have heard it early 50s - it is almost certainly the one played on local radio.
... not to neglect Doris Day, here is one of hers which rings loud bells for me
My first live musical experience, my aunt, with whom I was staying while my mother was convalescing after cancer surgery, took me to see: Annie get your gun! I know, this one is from Calamity Jane. In the video notice how Howard Keel whacks her down on the counter at 48-49secs with one helluva whack on the buttocks - I'll bet words were exchanged afterwards!
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