Good-Luck or Bad-Luck

In a village, a poor old farmer had a lame son. Everyone in the village called that boy unlucky.
One day, king's army came to the village, and took all the strong young boys to be soldiers for the emperor. Only the old farmer's lame son was spared, because he could not fight with a broken leg. Everyone said, “What a good luck!” The old farmer replied, “Good luck?, bad luck?, who knows?”
So, don't pride on your good-luck and don't grieve over your bad-luck.
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Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it...

not mine, Charles R Swindoll, but I really like it
The farmer probably thought that it was bad luck, he still has to take care of his spazzy son
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10% Luck and 90% Karma.
our unconscious-mind is reactive natured.
It seems good-luck from one angle and bad-luck from the other angle.
But such children are not a burden on most parents. No matter how their children are, they love them till death.
There may be some exceptions.

it is quite possible to be some variation in between parents and children from place to place and country to country.
Sometimes what appears to us as good-luck in the beginning turns out to be bad-luck later and what appears to be bad-luck in the beginning turns out to be good-luck later.
There is reason for everything in life. Good or bad.
And that reason can be played out over a number of years depending on what side of the agenda you are.
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I have also heard that nothing happens without any reason in life.
Sometimes good or bad just depends on your thoughts.
for example:
When you compare yourself with someone better than you, you find yourself in a bad condition and when you compare yourself with someone worse than you, you find yourself in a good condition.
A rather abbreviated version of the old Chinese parable from at least 2200 years ago - omits loss of the horse and falling off the horse - yours seems to be the Western version, but the original folk-story is known throughout Asia.
- it all turned out for the best.
The wiki article version is in traditional Chinese, but google handles traditional to simplified very well.
Small sparrow is freezing in an icy meadow.
There comes a cow and dumps huge on it. In the warm dump the sparrow defrosts.
It starts jumping with happiness, it’s got saved.
A cat comes, notices the hopping sparrow. Pulls it out and eats it.

Conclusion: If somebody dumps shit onto you, not necessarily your enemy.
If somebody pulls you out of shit, not necessarily you friend.
Most of all, if you are in shit, don’t show off, don’t call attention.
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