. symptoms of a uni- verse.

Tag. Sirius 2 .) Dark sayings

. shadows, greys & evil ways* | .white buffalo.
..) .. black . Dots...} . .bad brains..
.$ymptom of the Universe. ) .blk sabbath.

Sin Tax. } Fax of Life. } Black box recorder

* Tonight's feature covers the following symptoms
.portals. lasers. Mork. Time travel. Brownouts.
Man U factored Energy Crisis & the shrinking of Man.
..Mork in Wonderland [email protected] Enterthestars.
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. today's classified words..) tsur...search....chiydah..

6698. .tsur. | .rock.
4278.. .. .search....) .b. .deep place.
2420. . chiydah..3 ] .. puzzle. .b. maxim. C. dark saying.

.save rock n roll .. ) . fallout boy.
Airplanes. } .bob.
.boom. ) .the sonics.
Breaking . ) .from the Internet, row 01 cube 39.

Not being able to capture a " spy balloon "
..is the same as saying,....yawn
.the Turtle was too fast for me.

Pilot in the sky of dreams. } .dream theater
.dream police. ) .cheap trick
Dream of the blue turtle s. ) . sting.
It came 2 me in a dream that we R .[ . family.
. with Fiduciary famine ..) . frequently
.. today's classical words | superb. Owl. Azgad.
4480. Superb
...............} .LVll. [ .57. abel / mourn.[ .ing.
1323. } .owl. { furry winged night creature.
5803. Azgad [ 5794 & 1409. } .strong Troop [ er.

He ] blinded me w/ Scienter. } McDolby
.eYe am a scientist. } Guided by Voices
Black Sunday .| Super bowl X.

. standby
Global warming for Flatlanders. ®
[ . seriously. ] .
8274. Yah brings heat*\ E.
.01...Ab. [ 3 . Father; founder. | intelligence.
8275. .sharbiyt } .rod of Empire

* He also regulates energy per the Arrow of Time.
.aka law 2. Entropy.
From the last row of the Internet..
..the concise interpretation of the
Recent half-Time "show"..
Phone -y alien Invasion.

For more de Cryption , there is Enterthestars
.whose days R numbered as we approach
Event horizon.
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