Stormie Jones

39 years ago today (Feb. 14, 1984), Stormie Dawn Jones was the world's first recipient of a successful simultaneous heart and liver organ transplant.

Sadly, this little freckle-face passed away on Nov. 11, 1990.

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They extended her life with around 5 years. I just wonder if those 5 years (drugged 90% of the time) were hell or heaven for Stormie. Ones body can only take so much of a change/shock then it retaliates.

While there's life, there is hope.
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At that time I was two weeks from turning 17 years old, and I don't think I remember this in the news at the time.

It makes me wonder if maybe they shouldn't have pushed it with the heart part replacement, even though her heart was damaged somewhat from her two heart attacks she had. Not sure to what extent of how much her heart was damaged though. If they didn't go that route, would she still be alive today, or could it have shortened her life even less. Just things to think about. I know she didn't have any problems with her new liver, so her liver came through to the end with her until her body started rejecting her new heart.
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