F A R . }

Tag : fire ...aim. . Ready [ really.

Minor kudos for democracy now ! ..on the breaking story of OH.
They went directly to the $cienter of the program
. pointing out the train was already on FIRE
.as it rolled into town..
As it threw up the montage of WHITE NOISE*
& ATE. / airborne toxic event.
...and this is what eYe mean . meme..
* White noise / Netflix, 2022
. airborne toxic event. ) .sum time round midnight
White noise. ) .2005. M. Keaton
..other strange anomalies...2/03 / 2023
. The [ frequency....129 | simple gematrix
Orion's belt . ..129...{ . Hollywood.
Pandora's box
Countdown. ) . ) .all for show.
.....129..) . chapter two
Smart phone
Covid vaccines
This Sucks. ) ..) .F B I . Special agent.
.. cypher | . warning book | 129..| 1189.*
.* Which is the advanced Gematria value
Act ||| ..) .129. ) Oracle of Delphi
Media Control ..= . priesthood
The Grammys
Can you hear me ?

Original search term. ] E Palestine OH. /129./393.
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Classified words | New Orleans. Edt.

( .hey Grandpa, what's 4 supper ? ..) .

Potato Head blues ) .L A * & his hot 05.
Blue horizon. } blues . S.b. & his jazz men.
Medicine. } Bring me the [ event .. horizon.

Syn Tax. } Grandpa's Spells. } Jellyroll Morton's red hot peppers.

* Lou Armstrong.
. affirmative....help
.. live Exercise..} .free style Edt.

.struttin w/ sum barbecue ) L A & his hot 05.
.50 words for snow ..} bush.
Please stand by. . ) . ) .outer Limit .. s .
..Easter eggs by deLuxe America..
Ventura Hwy..
.a. ) how long you gonna stay here, Joe ?
.b. ) seasons crying NO despair [ or , R union is strong
.c. ) alligator lizards in the air.
.echo. ) sum people say this town don't look good in snow....
McBob. } Massive blizzard event forecast for LA &
Beyond...Thurs. - sabbath day..
Sixty years ago last week..
.. attended my first New Orleans Mardi gras
59 yrs ago my 2nd..
Living in Marrero, Louisiana..
.secret ] catholic agent, grade 01.

..then we moved to big D..TX..
Gasoline / Sinclair...22.9 ¢ .
Baseball cards...05.
Albums . $4 ish.
N F L games } free for kids w/ adult.
You caught my attention, now I will delete your comment on my religious blog.
I was currently tracking the usaf sikorsky and stratotanker from Pittsburgh and southern Ohio.
Embedded image from another site

My replacement phone screenshots are clear.
thumbs up
cool eye can see Lake Huron from here.
No private enterprise balloon.
Embedded image from another site

Other strange anomalies
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