F A R .} 2

Tag..} . fairly Accurate rhetoric.

Today's classified Lecture.
$ponsor .} Beth tsur. frustrated house of rock.

Not just tambourine s...but also flutes & wood winds.
.872. . entrance to a bldg...... . 125. red .[ .alert
.179. .mourn .[ .ing. .... .... .. . 926. tremble
.1051...Beth Rapha ....... . . .. house of a GIANT.
...1 0 4 9 . house of rock
.......o 2 ... .c. Intel.
..part 2 . } .get your No. 2 pencil.
..now read this | Isa. 13:3 ..the original transfer.
I give Command & I bring them: Giants are coming
.to fulfill my wrath. Rejoicing & at the same time insulting.
McNote. } . this establishes a different Understanding & context for Isa. 13:4 & 5 .. which may become
Actual at any time..
..re Pete. ) . rejoicing & insulting ..$imultaneously.
The statue got me high. ) They might be Giants
G I G A N T I C . ) . Pixies.
Super Position. ) Young the giant.
Sin Tax. ) Hidden history of human race ) blood Incantation.
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There is a Strong presumption that
Attorney will not mislead the court.- rule 301 c p.

8275. RoE. { .rod of Empire
7224...in the ] first place.
1051. .beth rapha.
Maybe if you could post a blog that would serve as a glossary
Correct. See, Agentbob blogs
For a plethora of Strong Equations..

Strong's Concordance 1890 ® Madison NJ.
Mchint. } It's alpha numeric.

1234. Open ) the door
.....3087. yah is right
4321. Who is like yah ?

P s. ) 5555. Rock of Division..frustrated
Particular physics of CERN
Contained in a single image
The 1976 LP , Rainbow Rising

( A giant coming up from the abyss
Through the Unlawful but Artful
Manipulation of T I M E..)
2nd image .} Hidden history of human race. ) Blood Incantation.

3rd. Icon. } Paramount video. | 100th anniversary.

4th spell. } Superb owl .57...1/2..time.
..phone Y . alien Invasion.
Co Ordinate..} phone power. ) They might be Giants.
Supper Time in Tomorrow Land.
..( . brought to you by Kramerika & Covfefe Corp.)

Kerosene Hat. ) Cracker
Hot pepper. ) Carrier
You can't rooster like you used to. ) Zydeco Joe.

...R R confidential...
..Train a Comin..) Earle.
Road of ruin. ) Beat Farmers.
Mystery Train. ) Nelson
..syn Tax. ) Oh no, not another one.) Sahm.
The Paradox that has blinded the Committee..

Both the singers & players on instruments
say; .'all my springs are in you.' .-psalm 87:7

Hallowed be thy Name ) blk sabbath
Temple of the King } rainbow
.y h w h. } U 2 .
.. rider. } Nothing compares 2U. } O Conner.
.blow Bach. } Sword of God. } Red Crayola.
Psalm 09 } trouble

McNote. $he ] blinded me w/ science. ) Dolby.
Time stamped for safety
Nothing compares 2U...
Saved by Zero ) .the Fixx
Zero hour. } K I N G.
. Syn C. } . ain't seen nothing yet. ) B T O.

Blow Bach. } .for the Law brought nothing to
Perfection..- .para dx. To the Hebrews.

McNote. ) .the instrument / key board has been
Zeroed in.
Epic Weekend in LA...( 04 the Giants.

The comment scroll is white / Latin - hot.
Ergo | muy Caliente.
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