Teenage Umbilical Cord

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That's about right. thumbs up
So are you saying you spent your birthday on the phone with family.
I gave ya a like for that. laugh Oh, to be a teen again. Those were the days. tongue
Sending you a birthday link,
Not for teens or those afraid of heights...wink you'll be looking down.
It has to do with your ( birthday wish-earlier blog).
rolling on the floor laughing
I didn't know I had a birthday wish... confused
laugh did you blow out your candles or singe your eyebrows trying
Not this year. I usually like to test my lungs while blowing out all those candles, and the last time I blew out candles on my cake, it was about 3-4 years when I did blow them all out.
And that is all in one breath
It reminds me of the Mexican birthday cake celebration.
They save you the trouble of
passing out after blowing out the candles by smashing your face in the cake.


I would not be impressed each year unless I wore a bib.
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