Americans that are not afraid of Truth... I SALUTE

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Puppet propaganda is not welcome.

Common civilians with more brains than Putin and his croonies could ever dream of having.thumbs up

Not all Americans are corrupt and dishonest. Thank God.handshake
I seriously doubt if you have ever stood shoulder to shoulder with men.

Arguments sake one man takes up 0,5m mulltiply that by one thousand and you get 500m right? Thats half a kilometer.

Try and imaginge men standing in that line all dying some slow some fast.

Never in my life have I come across such a blood thirsty little mother fvckker as yourself.

Not even in Sierra Leone and there they chopped off limbs as if it meant nothing..

There are around a thousand men dying each day.

What would you care? You have never done ANYTHING positive in your life. I can tell that by your responses .

Worthless piece of a wet box.doh doh doh
So snowlynx prejudicially believes rolling on the floor laughing
The Truth shall set you free.

The question is "Whose truth is it?" dunno
yeah he is an idiot
worth noting
Trump has warned Americans that they are facing the “most dangerous time in our country’s history, and Joe Biden is leading us into oblivion,” claiming that the world will soon plunge into WWIII unless “something doesn’t happen fast.”

I am the only candidate who can make this promise: I will prevent world war three,” he said.

In recent months, Trump has repeatedly called for the US to lead the way in negotiating a peace settlement in Ukraine, while blasting the way President Biden has handled the conflict. He also condemned the US’ promise to send M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, saying the move could bring about a nuclear war – as Moscow continues to insist that arms shipments make the West a direct party to the hostilities.
Trumpety Trump who stood up and said " I can end the war in one day"

Do me a favour.doh

When he puts his party above his own interests then he just might be believable. His legal wrangles over his dubious finances could also lead to criminal charges. America needs young blood with vision not a continuation of O.A.Ps. and someone who can unite not divide if they really want to "Make America great again"

His inflated ego is beyond belief to be honest.sigh

Now feel free to call me an idiot for having an opinion.
What would tRump say if Starlin the new (Putin) says that USA has to hand back Alaska to Russia.
Seeing as Russia offered and sold Alaska to the U.S. I'd say not a lot to be honest.grin
You are close to being deleted. Rather go peddle your bullshit in Mumbai where you originate from.

You have being warned.
The first step in bringing peace to Ukraine should be to stop people from being killed and establish a ceasefire as soon as possible, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Sunday during an interview with Sweden’s SVT.

The diplomat dismissed the idea of supplying Ukraine with weapons, as is being done by a number of NATO countries, as a viable method to achieve peace in the country. Asked why Hungary refuses to send weapons to Kiev, Szijjarto pointed to the devastating consequences of the war, and how Western arms have only exacerbated the conflict.

Slowly but surely people are waking up to the unnecessary slaughter being created by fools.
Young blood would be itself divisive. What would a leader do to give youth a future? Slash pensions, raise the retirement age, and treat covid like a bad flu right from the start. Bulldoze every other university and replace them with a trade school, do away with the old ways where you take a degree in art for a job in accounts so as to provide work for fake teachers.
My concern with the young blood is that it won't give youth a future it will encourage the youth to change gender so that real power rests elsewhere. The weirdry to deflect from something that hasn't happened in centuries - a worse life for the kids. Not many people in the western world know how anything works that's the outcome of not being able to lose for 70 years. Now is the time to learn the hard way.
Young blood was the 1960s what we have now is a counter-culture of the old and it does not want to teach the world to sing. The old fighting the old the young don't stand for anything at all really. People my age we were all raised to believe that the future would resolve itself, we had Tina and the theory of everything so much the idea that the world would become a liberal capitalist democracy without exception. But now this fails to transpire we live in a time where the young die like cattle like Russians, this is a time for senile old judges who should have been declared unfit for service years ago but they won't be. We struggle to take a driving licence off someone who's gone blind. This is a time for killing whatever remains of your dwindling posterity like the spoilt bastard victorians responsible for both of the world wars.
This is not a time for young people but for the new old people that must not be mistaken for the old old people. Those who lived through the world wars are gone now and we have the people born in 1941 who are almost no different to those born in 1991. They're not different like those born in 1921 were massively different. The differences are yet to emerge it maybe that those born in 2011 do become quite different but only through a life experience nobody would wish for(apart from people who think like Hitler).
And it's interesting to see how education changes through this period of 60/70 years good fortune. In the 1950s and 60s university taught baby boomers to rebel, but this is now inverted. You don't go to university to get a degree relevant to the real world, you go to university to protect you from real world conditions in a protracted childhood. University I suppose is more like welfarism now it does not make you fit for the job it makes the status quo harder to resist. It's not just makework for fake teachers, it's insurance for the posh spaz authorities.
Back on topic.

Luke, I listen to MacGregor often. I prefer his updates.
Being he has no horse in the race I see no reason he should exaggurate the Russians
chances here. So he usually say one russian die to each 7-8 Ukrainians. Partly cos
the Ukr side has had for a long time much less shells for their artillery.

Today I heard this on our norwegienne news: russki admitted thay were low on ammo right now.
Anybody who admit that can most likely be worth a listen in my book.
But hear this Luke... according to thet newschannel (our NRK) one Ukrainian die to each 7 Russki.... so numbers reversed. lol
Crazy ha--- both sides claiming the upper hand.
Warned you my baby if you want to keep promoting death and destruction you are gone.

As you can see I still have patience with your twins.htkiss hug
If it's the news I'm thinking it is about Wagner running low on ammo I can assure you it's quite old news. MSM is desperate to gain control again as they see people are not buying the BS they are selling. Not talking about fools like snowlynx that believe every morsel of crap that is shoveled his way.
Wagner was low on ammo yes and the quickest way to cut through red tape is take a statement through the media. Moscow immediately cut all red tape and upped supply.
What I understand through reliable sources is that Bakhmut is surrounded and cleanup is taking place as we speak maybe now Biden will either call them to the table or carry on pushing the narrative. More weapons to be bought from the usa with non existent money. America really has major problems.handshake 8
And the empowered women amount to not a lot of resistance because it doesn't change anything. Whatever the law is, even if it's disgusting, law-abiding is more likely to be her, whatever the government is or does she's going to back it. Exactly the same here as it is in Russia.
Crystal meth talking?
Is this statement correct Lukeon.? Only posted 2 weeks ago but there is a lot of info out there stating the same.

So glad i am reading this not sitting in a pub beer debating this invasion. A pub war would be on now until you all had black eyes.

Its all very sad, when leaders think they are so right in what they do roll eyes and a country gets bombed flat and thousands are killed, injured or displaced.

The debate now in countries is who is supplying weapons and if this or that country supplies to whom they think is correct then another branch of war with words goes on and still its the people who suffer. Certainly not the leaders we have seen them all in big beautiful rooms making speeches etc and the people starve. blues moping
@Aunty- there was a famous film called First Blood starring John.F.Rambo
(kidding it was Sylvester Stallone).
So what you recon was the main theme of that movie- "it was who stared it".
Just saying.
started -

(shit tired from work again..)
When a commander is out in the field and you notice that supplies are not getting through you do the unthinkable and that's to talk to the media. Trust me as I said red tape is immediately gone and your supplies are delivered. As for the pretty wreaths on the fresh Graves, I mentioned before that I'll NEVER believe propaganda pushing, lying institution's that get paid to lie and twist the truth while many many men are dying. We need to think for ourselves, it's not too difficult.
Red, I'm definitely with you all the way when you say the war should stop.
Problem is that Russia can't believe a single word NATO or Biden tells them. I know now you'll say I'm talking bs right.
This is the part where you should start asking questions and research if what I'm saying has any truth in.
Don't believe what ANY media tells you, do independent research.
The next problem is that the more long distance weapons are supplied to Ukraine the longer distance Ukraine has to push back its borders.
Russia has been invaded many times and it's this fact that adds to their fear of being invaded yet again.

All they want is zero American or NATO military bases on its doorstep.
That's not too much to ask given America's history of invading countries.
I rest my case.bouquet
Just wanted to add that I'm known to be a fast runner when arguing with females so no black eyes for me.
Rambo will sort this shitzu out quicklylaugh
Propaganda is a two sided coin Lukeon so are we to believe all the "news" that comes out of Russia.dunno

Vladimir Rudolfovich Solovyov is a Russian TV presenter and propagandist. He has been an anchor on the television show Evening with Vladimir Solovyov on Russia-1. In March 2022, You -tube blocked his channel "Solovyov Live".

He lost the plot when it was mentioned that his sons were draft dodgers,both supposedly in London. Fact or fiction ,who knows.

His own lavish lifestyle is on hold too which must rattle his cage as is Putin's to be honest.sigh
Seeing as I'm anti war I'm hardly likely to lash out at you so no need to run or even duck Lukeon.grin
Hmmm.... who they wanna be run by (the majority)
Jugoslava in mind- and all what happened there
we all got a sense of protection of those minorities.
Nada indicated Zsky was gonna become softhanded on the minority in his country.
Plus it was the Nato issue- so...
that's basically all I have to say.
Well it appears not the Russians as they lean towards the West for whatever reason. I'm not about to go out there and hold a census though.handshake
Here is the whole question, and feel free to link me to people who have accurate info on the matter:
How was the russian speaking population treated in Donbas prior to 24th feb 22?
I know they often was referred to as seperatists in the western press.
Were they seperatists or people wanting to be left in peace?
I'm open on this one, cos I'd like to know exactly what was the case.
Was Ukraine in danger of losing Donbas before Putins move to go in?
March 7th.

1hour ago 15.25 GMT
Up to 30,000 Russians killed and wounded in effort to capture Bakhmut, western officials estimate

Russia has sustained “20,000 to 30,000 casualties'’ - killed and wounded - in trying to capture Bakhmut, western officials estimated at a briefing on Tuesday. While no firm figure was offered for Ukrainian losses, the official said it was “significantly less”.

The official speculated that a high proportion of those casualties, many of which will be prisoners recruited by Wagner, could have been killed. “The death rates of Wagner has been significantly higher than the Russian armed forces,” they said, which have been estimated at three wounded to one killed.

The figures are crude estimates and impossible to verify, but if broadly accurate would mean that Russia may have sustained more casualties than the US did in 20 years of operations in Afghanistan, where a little less than 21,000 were killed and wounded.

The officials said they believed that Ukraine is still able to hold and resupply its military in Bakhmut, although the city is surrounded from three sides and said the defenders could “last for another month” - or chose to make a tactical withdrawal “within a week”. But the course of the long-running battle remained uncertain, they added.

True or just propaganda.

You seem to be contradicting yourself. A little while ago you stated that you don't believe the media at BOTH ends of the spectrum but now you are in doubt if the news you read is true or not. Where did you read this?
Can you honestly say that you don't suffer from Russophobia?
I think I would too if I we're to ingest all of the utter rubbish that msm is feeding the ignorant public.
I'm closing this blog for myself as 40 plus comments on a topic seem to drift from this point forward. You are Welcome to respond but I won't be replying.
I posted the link from the Guardian as you had already stated that Bakhmut was surrounded so was asking YOU what YOU believed .

My sympathies have and always will be for the victims of war on both sides not the countries .

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