The Howdy Doody plate...

In 1947, Howdy Doody was born. Actually created is the correct word, because Howdy Doody is a puppet (marionette) who appeared in a Western themed children's TV show that ran until 1960.

'47 was the year my brother was born and when he was old enough to watch the TV show, my grandmother bought him a ceramic/porcelain dinner plate with a painting of the Howdy Doody character. I researched to see they also had cups and bowls for the collection. That old plate got lots of use. The face had scratches and the edges became chipped Probably into it's 30th year some stress cracks began to show as it was used in the microwave oven to reheat food.

My brother moved away, my parents died and I inherited the plate. The plate came with us when we moved away from Miami and it was used upside-down over the small rear element on the stove. That gave a flat landing for pots to cool when removed from the front element. Unfortunately, one day the heat or weight made the plate crack into a few pieces.

Emotionally, it stung for a second and I remarked "That plate is older than me!"

I'm pretty resourceful and went to eBay to see if I could get a replacement. I'm in luck as Howdy Doody plates can be purchased for around $20. Hmmm...

I'm a pretty good procrastinator and said: Maybe, another time...

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