Not Sure If I'm Confused

Any sensible thoughts on the video below?

Many adults are confused but why make your toddlers confused too?

dunno confused confused dunno
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Young children can be “mixed berry gender fluid muffins,” a government document has instructed teachers in Wales.

A 170-page “Agenda” document detailing how sex education should be taught in Wales reportedly instructs teachers that children as young as seven can be “mixed berry gender fluid muffins”.

It is the latest evidence of militant transgenderism being taught in British schools, with government officials in both the UK and neighbouring Ireland becoming increasingly keen to see gender ideology taught as fact to young children.

According to a report by The Telegraph, the sex ed pamphlet produced by Cardiff University academics in partnership with the Welsh government tells the country’s teachers that there are many different genders.

The document furthermore encourages teachers to play the “mixed-muffin gender berry challenge” with children, a game which involves teaching children that “you can’t assume someone’s gender by how they look”
confused dunno
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I say that the man smelling the fart might be a female?rolling on the floor laughing
Yep, you're confused and it's confusing us all.

(Looking at it and watching and reading about its affect on you)

Go back to bed Lukeon
it was all a bad dream.

That goes double for the confused Welsh
Children are NOT muffins.
uh oh
Partly because they're growing up in this world if you like it or not. People don't have local communities anymore which used to force people into behaving relatively normal, as per the group, but now the group is what? Your group will be a specialty of interest, a little niche online a new normal which is not normal it is surrounding yourself freaks with identical minds. Birds of a feather flock together from a grand total of 8000 million.

Normal was being born into a random lot of locals you had to make do with. Which is one reason why the Amish have the right idea. They are the only ones prepared to live in such a way to keep radical individuality down. People will choose gender now as though they were choosing a career. To stop it people would need to be forced into labour and forced into being local, forced to live a physically relevant life which is not about following your aspirations but making do with what you didn't choose.
The Amish are the only way, and to a lesser extent Islam, are the only ones who practice what they preach in a way real enough to say that you cannot go your own way.

All the careers and the condoms and the divorce and the obesity tell posterity that they can do whatever they like. And then the internet facilitates this bringing together of 1 in 10000, 1 from each 10000 who goes exactly the same way you did. You have a niche of 100 derived from a million. But if we were a random 100 we would learn compromise because that 100 could be anybody not a 100 specially selected by you to be just like you. To go your own way creates a virtual community less diverse, less compromising ironically it turns out like a caste system. The rise of trans is merely a reflection of who we are, or rather who we are not, which is a rounded person. Whatever you are you are becoming a more extreme example of it precisely because you didn't have to make do, the community doesn't choose you and what you are it's the other way around in the digital age. You choose a community just like you.and eventually this will mean humanity cannot share the same space in the real world. Each individual will need to live in a big metal cube 50 miles away from the next big metal cube. That's the radical individuality from which trans comes.
CC each country will adapt govt.legalities to their citizens.
What happens in China,Wales,Africa,South America ans so on with the children varies more than a small, small minority.
The legalities are to protect them, not offer benefits...until recently when adults (without children demanded access to them- groomers as the term educators is not honest).
The very small game is for teachers, not for children. It's one very small part of the 170 page document.

Wherever you copy and pasted the blurb above from is clickbait/deliberate discrimination/deliberately twisted information.

It's like the media equivalent of Pavlov's experiments with dogs. Your indignation releases the the kind of neurochemicals that keeps you going back to the 'news' source(s) for more.
Disgusted isn't it-
children with benefits.
Wrong in so many ways.
Please explain the child educators' Jac.We all know what clickbait is,
just like jailbait.
And actually this million little niches is one reason why I do this here. Everybody wants to date, and this website goes back to the early days of the internet, and I know you're all pretty old but this is still a relatively libertarian cross-section of society a comparatively random group where you can still encounter the unexpected.

The more modern internet is becoming much more streamlined, compartmentalized. Particularly when they're not looking for love. Reddit is a certain type of person to the exclusion of all others. Preselection is overriding the random chance of real life and real people and that's the answer to why people are becoming more extreme. Not to pick on reddit specifically, it's just an example.
Clickbait is nothing like jailbait, Patty! shock laugh

Clickbait is internet content which draws the attention.

Jailbait is a child who is viewed as sexually seductive by an adult.

The game involves blueberry muffins (representing male gender), raspberry muffins (representing female gender) and mixed blueberry/raspberry muffins (representing fluid gender).

Each teacher gets a muffin and breaks it open to find out which gender category they are in. They then have to go and stand with pink/blue balloons to match their assigned gender.

The problem is that there are only pink, or blue balloons and no pink-and-blue balloons.

These sorts of games are designed to elicit emotions, discussion, awareness and empathy amongst teachers who are attending ongoing training outside of the classroom. Personally, I think it's a rather clever game.

In my experience, it's not uncommon to have to convince toddlers they are the gender they have been assigned at birth. They often find it confusing given they aren't born with a concept of gender and they have to learn it.

In my experience, children find lgbtq+ issues far less confusing than adults do. 'Spect it's because they're cleverer. hmmm
Fair play to you jac you have a lot more patience than I have. When I see the usual suspects reinforcing each other I roll my eyes and move on. I don't have the mental energy to look into the detail, as you have done.
It's a bit like the fact that no child is born racist.

While issues facing transgender and non-binary communities have recently received greater attention from the public, policymakers and government officials, they've been around for centuries in cultures and history as early as 5000 B.C. Today, they exist in societies and cultures across the globe.

This IS nothing new ,acceptable to some , abhorrent to others . sigh
There is no conspiracy to keep us in little boxes, this is what people do when they are free ironically enough. A life less of your own choosing is what makes a rounded person.

And this is the point with the trans, you can't separate that issue from the selfishness and the narcissism of the culture, you can't separate the gays from the autistics. Why are people becoming autistic? Because life has to be on your terms and will be. Autism, gays, priests with guns.. these are all related to that tendency to do any mad thing you want regardless of anyone or anything. Everything has to be on your terms.. f*ck me do we take this to an extreme
You can't have equality without everyone being equal.

You can't have inclusivity if some people are excluded.

If I were to exclude the group you've labelled as 'the usual suspects' and view them as unworthy, am I behaving any differently from those who exclude the lgbtq+ community with ridicule?

If I only spend time with people who reinforce my views, how will I learn and progress without challenge?
Ah, okay.

All that freedom women have had over the centuries lead to the selfish and narcissistic suffrage movement, eh?

I'll try to be a sensible, selfless, moderate like you in future.

Kuh. roll eyes laugh
Fair point but it's just so damn hard sometimes. I used to ask them questions to (gently) challenge them but these questions were ignored. So what do you do then. In fairness they aren't all like that, at least Patty is always willing to engage.
I hear you on both counts.

I get frustrated at times and I'm grateful for the bridge between two worlds that Patty can be. It really does make a difference.
^ just like ( we all know what) jailbait means.

I was in my car, at work.
They are nothing alike.

About the muffins, that really only makes kids hungry.
And is their motivation to engage.

rolling on the floor laughing
^ just like ( we all know what) jailbait means.

I was in my car, at work.
They are nothing alike.

About the muffins, that really only makes kids hungry.
And is their motivation to engage.

rolling on the floor laughing
We have 'inset days' here in Wales.

They are days where the teachers go to school for ongoing training and the kids have a day off. I think there are three, maybe five inset days in a school year.

Hush yourself. The muffins are yaffled down by the teachers behind the kids' backs. conversing laugh
What were you doing in your car at work? You should be WORKING when at work....scold
No offence to you Luke but I couldn't be arsed to watch and listen to such shoite doh

Compassion has a lot to answer for, the more I question it....
the more I understand God fearing people uh oh

A good evening to you there wave
It is confusing...dunno
The confusion has spilled over into the animals.
..2 doors down is a male cat who is um..
Friendly. I caught him mounting black Reacher [ our late male cat ] ...the other day he mounted a dog. !

. standby.moping
"Not Sure If I'm Confused."

Looking at some of the video I am confuse.

Maybe I should read the Bible as they referenced it in the video.
Nothing new here it's a known fact.

If you're not sure if you're confused, then you don´t know what is going on..

Makes no difference, it's still part of the 170 page document.
Sounds to me as if the Welsh are the puppets of the EU doing exactly as they are told. EU training.
None taken.
The Irish seem to have a much more sensible view on this rot of brain washing.thumbs up
Who knows? Definitely not you.
Last question.

So this is what the liberals are striving for: equality and inclusitivity???

The human race are not robots manufactured in a lab, even if some are trying to manipulate the mindset into believing that.
Many adults are confused but why make your toddlers confused too?

What could that outcome be except to validate the obscenity, as a parental right.
This started with their parents' generation and as the children mature instead of typical defiance the child taught ,no go tell-this is advancing the adult abhoration AND lowering the age of consent for s*xual accessibility for the adult.

This enables consentual acts with minors,* the new attempt is within the home*, it has been tried numerous times legally.THE natural boundaries within a family are removed and these
matter little for legal reasons.It will
put schools in place of laws through
Social virtue signaling i.e. parental rights for s*xual deviation of their generation.
Not equality,not virtuous,not healthy,and destroys respect in families and increases suicidal ideation.

When these adults were molested as children or boundaries were removed in the home, the street was found to provide a surrogate community.
Those people are now parents who are in denial of their unresolved issues.In order to be accepted as an adult with an alternative lifestyle that is not any more conducive to parenting than their childhood home it becomes generational abuse.Included are those behaviors that assaulted persons must struggle with, such as unhealthy and impulsive s*xual encounters with other adults,
( that their parents subjected them to) self medicating has also been given societal approval even though it was parental drug addiction in their abusive childhood homes.
This is giving the stamp of approval of schools to mimic those abuses in the classrooms between teachers and students and students with students.( age of consent being kindergarten).They have already inducted preteens to maturation and cams through school programs.
All this is true of the past generations.
Gen x,y,z.
In other words if this confuses you, you are one of the few that was not abused. For the majority this is the norm-you know the abuse and all the sex incorporated into what is loosely called a living environment.The home for the majority of abused and abusing persons now, has ongoing from the ages of 8 -60.It is only lowering the age to 8 and under,
and bypassing what used to be mandatory reporting of abuse by teachers as the teachers have come from that abused and homeless generation.

The children leave their homes even earlier, vulnerable and barely able to complete their studies.
It also breaks sibling ties and reinvents a street family which is to
live bartering sex for shelter.
Most vulnerability for unwanted s*xual advances occurs within the
home by non-committed adults and repeat offenders.This is predatory.
It existed as stranger danger programs in schools but now homes are occupied by those even stranger adults than a chance encounter outside the home.

People that condone that type of behavior should barf

There is a minority that healed enough to feel they can be a traditional and law abiding home.
(We can set aside religion and culture to focus on the healing aspect).

I was not trying to be contentious.

Different upbringing experiences abound and with it are new versions of vulnerability.* my actual point*

As grandparents this must require
us to not be freaking out because this is where the unconditional love typically is the healthiest.
I can say most adult males who are approaching 60-? if divorced for a while do not embrace that role and are going right into this with blinders on.Even if you sincerely believe you can afford to start a new family, at some point that you may select to defer to the mother, and then we have another version of family.The hetero stepfamily with matriarch.

I work with a diverse group of people and the younger they are..the more apt to see the female is providing for both,the male does not want children,and they dress for work in ? costumes.Diversity, inclusion and equality is a strange concept because the push for affinity groups that are just sub-groups.
Intersectionality ...
"For example, a black woman faces racial and gender prejudice, whereas a black man faces only racial prejudice. A white gay man faces different, and far fewer, obstacles than a Latinx transgender person."

We are living in the time of Babel.
DEI is really just comparing ourselves to others and finding little in common to cling to or be dissatisfied about.
It is no longer your " lot in life" if you choose to be odd man out.

And in every way..
Don't your employees have parking areas. coffee<- provided to us free.
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