It's Friday and I need to celebrate...

What a crazy non-productive week. Lots of late night hours making drawings and pricing projects. One general contractor who brings me a few jobs each year needed a price by morning for her meeting at noon with the clients.
I emailed it over at 3am.
10am I get a frantic message "Where's your proposal?"
I forwarded the original to her as proof it went out in the middle of the night.
Price too high she says... we need to value engineer.

Gotta wait, I'm on to 2 other projects I pushed aside to get her price.

My people delivered a pantry and buffet without telling the client. They allowed the driver access (using Ring home surveillance) but no one would be home for the installation so they pushed that for next Tuesday. Later that night I'm told family is flying in Friday for the weekend and we need to move all the cabinets (that are stacked in their living/family room) to the garage. Problem. All the resources are booked. I've got no one to do this.
The contractor on the development sent all his labor to a new project they started. My neighbor is a handyman and I'm waiting for him to come back from a small job to help me schlep cabinets for my client.
Yeah, it's gonna be a long night before I'm finished.
I already took 2 Aleve for back pain.

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It's Friday and I need to celebrate...
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It's Friday and I don't have a date. doh
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