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Over my lifetime, I spent 95% of my money on booze, drugs, and parties. The rest I just wasted conversing
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You are not alone...lol...laugh...but you can redirect your energy into something productive...you are still young and talented...


If that is your lifestyle and you enjoy it, who is anyone to tell you differently?

I hope the 5% is use for food. You should eat healthy food. laugh
You also rescued many animals and gave them a home so not all bad Trackhug
I've known a few people like that. I've never understood it. But, I always wanted a family, it just never quite worked out like I hoped it would. I'm old-fashioned, and wanted to raise children to have all of the advantages that I never had. But, life had other ideas.

But, I still spent 95% of my money of supporting my family, paying my bills, and preparing for some type of retirement. Again, it didn't work out like I expected, but I retired at 52, and am still retired, and doing well, all things considered....

I do drink some beer, but nowhere near 95% of my income. I suspect that I'd be dead in a year, if I drank at that rate, and I have very, very little money! Lol.

I don't regret my choices. I don't do drugs, and don't allow them around me.

I guess I live in a very different world, than many do. wave

Our priorities changes when one gets older, or in my case, a family.
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