Movie Nite

It is time to relax and enjoy some movie trailers not to mention some stand up

The first one is a comedy...feel free and post one...

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Here is another movie oldie but a

Watched plane the other day!
It was a good one, different than other plane wreck stories.
Wasn't comedy by any means
You can you copy and paste it here if you like...or tell me what name it is

Another favorite of mine...and an award winner just like The Deer Hunter movie...


@torn: what? coming in here to have another moan? Here is about relaxation, not about moaners.
I'm watching free movies galore lately:

This is the 'Justified' series, rated highly at 8.6, higher than I rate it however.

I deleted his comments...not honoring my blog topic...the so called Christian is spewing his

I have the power to

I will post it but not sure of the URL...lengthy...

I found this movie trailer...perhaps this is the one you are talking about...

Just saw this season one clips of Justified...
Here is a comedy that is a remake...
Steve Hughes; comedy routines.


We all need a good laugh...laugh
thanks for the effort to search, I have already watched it once and in my book its a movie to watch only once angel thumbs up
No problem...others may enjoy this trailer...I thought it was rather Gerard
The one movie I have watched over and over again has been Ugly Truth, here goes the trailer link:

thumbs up
@prince almost all movies are just 'once is enough'. Tin Drum, Pulp Fiction, Tampopo, some Kurosawa movies, the original Blade Runner, In the mood for Love, and some Ang Li movies are worth revisiting.
Will post...thanks...Prince...

Here it is for all those Gerard Butler fans...

add some of my recommendations like Cast Away, Scent of a Woman, Black Stallion for revisiting!
I have watched repeatedly the movies from the seventies...Jaws was seen as a B movie but it proved to
be a hit...including, The way we were with Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford...may just post it as
well...there are people that have never heard of the many movies...all to young or not born yet to enjoy these classics!!

Sooo here it is...
Here is a clip speaking of hope:

Shawshrank Redemption and Tampopo are the two first they speak of. Tampopo is a comedy with serious overtones, noodles and a woman and friendship.
Embedded image from another site
Thanks Fargo...will post

Here is the other movie trailer...another favorite...
Here is an oldie...Jack Lemon stars in it...a comedy with Shirley MacLaine...


I swear I tried watching it twice and every time it made me sleep, his escape was a dope
This is a movie clip with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey...

Grab a tissue and
Tampopo has some very very funny scenes - the school girls slurping noodles for example
I like action and horror movies. This is my pick.

It happens...dozed off plenty of times while watching a

That is what comedy is wake you up...Tammy movie is hilarious...silly humour...
Ken...will watch the clip...I have yet to see
This is a TV Series. 4 Seasons. Very good.


This movie I found quite good...about the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia...based on a true story...

This reminds me of another older movie...The Killing Fields...
Another series I haven't seen is on my list...thanks...

It is 3:00 in the morning...yawn

Time to has been fun...and

I am closing the comments while I am not want any sarcastic comments posted here from a certain

City on a hill. thumbs up
I am posting it...season one

I would like to find Bosch season 7!
I will try...not familiar with that series...

This is it...

Wherever you are....
Be blessed!
I always loved your arguments.
Well I must thank you, you were my guide when I was stupid.
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