A little Cuban Music for a change

Buena Vista Social Club - Green Eyes

Aquellos ojos verdes de mirada serena
Dejaron en mi alma eterna sed de amar
Anhelos de carícias de besos y ternuras
De todas las dulzuras que han podido brindar
Aquellos ojos verdes serenos como un lago
En cuyas quietas aguas un día me miré
No saben las tristezas que en mi alma dejaron
Aquellos ojos verdes que nunca olvidaré
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And another full album - I think I have seen the live performance online

Do I have to use google to translate...lol...laugh

I was in Cuba awhile ago...liked the music and the old cars...wine
I do indeed use google translate when necessary, but here the music itself is enough.
Some of the words are easy enough but not essential for the pleasure.
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