If you had the chance to date me tonight what will

I am curious to know what kind of things men would like to do around me on a date, I am not a woman that like the same things all the time I love spontaneous things, genuine things, not just dinner and a movie as usual so I would like to know what ideas guys on this site have concerning to dates, write your opinions and never forget to be respectful, thanks!
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Girl, I can't wait to see the responses on this. rolling on the floor laughing Good job you said to be respectful. laugh Come on guys, there must be someone with some original, bright ideas! I can think of a few...but I'm not a guy!
Yea I am waiting for the comments, me resquesting to be respectful has nothing to do with it, it is not that I am going to punish people or somethign alike, I just hope some men do write their opinions or ideas on this ....
I think it would be nice to go horseback riding or four wheelin
oops I didn't notice till now I didn't write this thing correctly, so this is what I meant I you had the chance* to have a date with me tonight what would you like to do around me ?
I would do whatever you like to do.
Have you ever considered blindfolded ice skating?

You get blindfolded and your date leads you around the ice rink (when there is no one else on the ice)grin
ahhh wait even better shark cage diving for 2laugh
Double egg and chips.
jet ski fun perhaps an island close by :D..& no not on my jet ski...use your own :D
I once took a girl I was dating to Las Vegas for a short weekend. I told her that we were just going for a long drive and to pack some things for overnight. She didn't know what to think when we arrived at the airport. I controlled the tickets and kept her at the airport bar until minutes before the gate closed for boarding. The plane was flying to Chicago (she heard this from the pilot's announcement) - that's where she thought I was taking her. She was all set for a night on the town in Chicago, but on arrival we walked to another gate to get on another plane. We arrived in LV very late and went to the hotel.
The next morning after breakfast we were met by a stretch limo at the hotel and whisked away to a heliport. We flew to the base of the Grand Canyon and had a picnic lunch and champagne. We took in the sights of Vegas that evening and flew home the following morning.
Spontaneous - no, I had to plan this in advance.
Unexpected to her - totally.
i would take you to dinner,then perhaps to a live show,after a walk on the beach and return you home.
and the winner is . . . . . .
of course it's me. I am the winner
I'd first of all look deep into your eyes.... Then ask you if you allowed me to hold your hand....

Then I'd invite you for a walk - maybe at the beach ... I live beaches... Listen to you... after telling you - to let me a bit into your own universe..

Then I'd hope you and I could have a cup of coffee - somewhere..

Just hoping - we bouth felt it nice to be close...
I´ll awake your inner child by takeing you to an amusement park. We will play all kinds of games, eat cotton candy, take a ride in the horror house. Basicaly do fun things together yay
Ignore the e from takeing blushing
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