Poetry ? ..{ .+ prophecy

....It was a summer of plane trees in colonnades & pearls of birds poured from the Don. [ .Dawn.
A summer of blue bees , whistles, of flames
And the propellers of a helicopter *
And I, with my • ball • point radio •
And with silent memory of dead friends & sabotage memory of towns & rivers ..
I was prepared to tear out the heart of the Earth
.with a knife. And place their a glowing diamond of grief and complaint s.
I was ready to smear the roots with blood. To invoke the Names on a leaf.
To cover the malachite of monuments with the skin of night. .. Writing down with phosphorus
..mene mene tekel...) .. shining with the traces of melting eYelids....- C. Milosz | spirit of the Laws, 1947.
...liner note. ) Written at Washington DC.
* Humming bird in original...other modifications elsewhere but slight. Very slight.
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Yea good one. Wish I was less lazy, but bobster- you think I could get my spiritus sangtus back one happy night? (lol)
The composite Energy of my R a n g. .E.

Speaks loud for killing Television
. taking Control of your personal immune system
And avoiding vaccines of various Omikrok origin.

Airplanes. } Bob
$he ] blinded me w/ science. ) Dolby
Jet lag. ) Simple plan
..fax of Life. ) Black box recorder.
Real Time. ) ..no joke

I see my quadrupled vaxxed , aspartame
Customers dying right in plane sight..
And still they go to Dr.s for .."the Cure".

And that's how TV werx. ) . brought to you by Pfizer.

And you should see what eYe have to do on site
With 8 cats....4 of em rangers but still in the crib.
I $0 wish I could sell them to a fancy neighbor Hood
...that is, after proper training.
If they R fed & trained by me and Chuck { trans gender mom.
Then the opening bid for each ranger is 1 gold coin or 2,500 cash. This too is not a joke.
Everything poetry corner could ask for.
Thank you...

wave } I'm Joe & eYe want to play baseball
..in the Himalaya s... together. C'mon.
I talked to the local " News" station about a person of interest [ Frezno Bob ] that they covered last week.
I told them I was the one who ran from the fuzz @ 45 mph ..
I said: would you like to hear the rest of the story ?
To my amazement he let me explain in detail the whole $15 million saga...now they are deciding whether I'm worth more air time.
I will let y'all know how it goes. I'm not anticipating a call anytime soon ...why ? They are a bunch of ice cream loving Jellyfish over there..
My cat who we named Charlie and thought to be male till one morning Charlie had kittens....in the dog house with our full grown Husky.
There is nothing like cuddling up to a furry Husky in the winter time...says Charlie. cats meow
It was this time last week when the police pursuit ended at station 1, my first address when I moved here in '78.
Anyhoo... absolutely burnt. Been up since 2 am.
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Not the IRS April 15,2023 4:30a.m.

Three privatized balloons 624,625,627
Up UP & away. ) 5th Dimension
Ride. )) Weather Diaries
A Question of Temperature. ) Balloon Farm

Typing again from memory, Covfefe cup 01
SynTax stirring.... Standby
Your main blog page, excels in its impromptu performance poetry...

@op I see the author's name lies concealed within the text - would the @op have others believe he wrote it himself, perchance? There is a partial attribution but one has to look for it hidden amongst dashes brackets and dots. Czeslaw Milosz
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