Media memories from the fifties

Right now I am watching Victory at Sea with its unforgettable music, Richard Rodgers (in part). A clear evening's memory from I guess 1957 (since we hadn't bought TV for the Melbourne games) is of the music (in the large drawer of my bedroom dresser there was a book of ship silhouettes from my father's time fighting on an American PT boat around Milne Bay, New Guinea).
Gunsmoke, Rifleman, Maverick, Bonanza (detested it), Rawhide (so many westerns). Mickey Mouse Club/Mouseketeers, of which all I remember is Annette Funicello, and how whenever Wonderland appeared I would take a walk.
1956 and before was all radio of course. 1956 listening to Vladimir Kuts winning the 10,000m in Melbourne.
Superman came on in the early evening, targeted of course precisely at me and other pre-teeners.
Daytime serials like 'Blue Hills' (of which there were almost 5800 episodes) and 'When a Girl marries', the American series that my mother would listen to during the school holidays.
Every year too there was the Davis Cup final which Australia won 15 times in 18 years 1950-1967. I had to listen in the car because my mother couldn't stand the tension. Lew Hoad, Mervyn Rose, Rod Laver, Vic Seixas the American.
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