The chair draggers...

My neighbor is in her 80's and her son living with her is in his 60's. Originally from New Jersey, they would spend winters in Florida and summers at home. COVID changed their schedule and it looks like they are going to be here year-round.
I've only seen her 3 times and one of those times, paramedics had to escort her to emergency. Her son rarely comes out too. Usually, to check mail or to get groceries. He doesn't go far as he carries oxygen, usually by a portable machine slung over his shoulder with a nasal cannula and short tubing.
I know when they are up as I hear them 'bumbling around' as early as 5am. Banging doors or walls loud enough to wake me from a sound sleep. Usually, breakfast is around 7am. I know this as I can hear them scooting their wooden chairs on the tile floor. The chair dragging is intermittent, but it actually goes on all day. Sometimes, it sounds like they are rearranging furniture and pushing the dining table back and forth a few feet.
If you have experienc dragging a chair to the table in a few 'short bursts' you probably know the sound I'm describing.

I consulted a friend about offering them some self-adhesive felt pads they could stick on the bottom of the chair legs, but I'm told that's a bad idea and I sold just tolerate the dragging noises... at least I know they are alive!

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Oh it's not their fault if they're elderly and maybe deaf to the noise they make anyway! It's funny how we become attuned to our neighbours noise patterns though. You can forgive if they're old.

But fat arse snorers, farters, computer gamers, smoker's coughers and then they have the nerve to breed smaller versions of themselves, children! What's the world coming to?

Bob Fleming matters.

When I have my phone turned to vibrate (ringer off) and it's a few feet away, the sound of the dragging chair is similar to the phone rattling on the desk... especially if I'm playing music at a moderate volume.
I always glance over to see if it's an incoming message or my neighbor dragging the chair for lunch!
Well with any luck they won't be around to bother you for too much longer.

Or you could always 'get rid' laugh (just kidding!)
You need to march around there wth a bat, tell them you've been feeling a bit clumsy
A joke. A couple sit at table Reading the paper. He is buttering his toast. Suddenly she leaps up and screams at him..." I cant take it anymore!"wow He looks up puzzled and says "What?" She yells "YOU..! For forty years I have had to sit and listen to it"! He now is irritated. "Too WHAT?" She says " The way you butter your toast. Scrape, scrape, scrape..on and on and on. Get done with it already!" He says "If it bothered you so much, why didn't you say so?" She says " Because it didn't bother me til today!"doh
There is an ancient torture that is tying a person down and then dripping drops of water on their forehead 24/7 til they go mad. Those chairs are doing it to you.
I wonder what their response would be if you nicely approached them and offered to put felt pads on their chairs so they don't damage their floors. You noticed that those chairs are rough and worry their floors are getting marred. You know..just thinking of them.
“at least I know they are alive!”

Do you need to know are they alive or not? to live in your own house, even smallest one is better than have neighbours and listen to THEIR noises. I know exactly what you mean, it is everyday suffering and you must adjust to THEIR lifestyle. sigh
Orzzz... I'm planning to buy a 400 watt bass amp and start practice for 30 minutes each day!

Grapewine, if they perish, it's only a matter of days before before the stench bleeds into the attic space.
I was in a shared house once for a couple of months. My bedroom was over the dining area. There was a big old table and heavy chairs on a tiled floor. It was impossible to lift the chairs while standing up, I tried. So I bought good quality buffers and fixed them to all six chairs. After that the chairs slid back very easily and no noise. The landlady was delighted and I wasn't woken by those working night shifts.
Oh, no you will know before the stench- it becomes quiet so you know then…grin
The weather here is extremely hot. I would have expected them to go back to New Jersey for the summer.
May be they thrive in on the floor laughing
It doesn't help having your own house, well it helps a little but my neighbors have barking dogs. So I turn a fan on in my bedroom so their barking don't wake me.
I remember a friend of mine, used to work nights and he always complained about the birds singing in the I said the birds singing bothers you and he said yes they sing
If person complains that birds are to loud then he is really hypersensitive, but I understand that dogs barking is very irritating, no better than dragging chairs. devil
I feel your pain Chat. I am also sensitive to unwarranted noise. May I suggest that you buy a white noise machine. Not one that has waterfalls or birds. Just the plain sound of a fan. Or, being that you live in Florida perhaps a turbo desk fan. I have one of those too and it's great for blocking annoying noise.
I wish them no harm or seek any form if retaliation.

A noise machine is just unwanted pollution.
Why not to talk to them? They might be considerate…
A friend who's opinion I value suggested I avoid the situation entirely.
They appear to be imprisoned on their condo and may not take the news well.

Tonight, their car wasn't in the assigned parking space and the dining room light that's usually on was dark.
'Me thinks' they are heading back to New Jersey!
Now my guy is retired and the neighbor construction guy sold out to a mega guy. So now he hears the back up buzzer, clanging, grinding, roaring at 6 am or 10pm. So much for a peaceful retirement. I could never stand in town nor apartment. Lose your apt cause some dumb idiot burns a candle or pot on stove or cig.
It appears their morning newspaper delivery was stopped and no car is in the parking spot.
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