Curious thing - Newton as a hyper-religious freak and heretic

Today briefly listening to a radio program about Newton, I discovered that this master of physics, calculus, gravity motion and the universe was simultaneously a believer in the occult and in absurd prophesy and alchemy, a prolific writer of the absurd. So as we see the absurd co-resides with the sublime - humans can be consumed by nonsense but be incredibly creative at the same time. Fortunately his rubbish writings have been largely discarded.

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This is a thing I did know. For mine, a profoundly intelligent, and LOGICAL man, began to go mad, when he tried to prove (or talk), a non-existent god, Into existence. This is the thing that sent him mad.
But let us forgive this profound man, his follies for....

Without the calculus, none of us would be using the internet. In fact there would be no internet. For The Calculus underlies everything!

(We have to thank Libenitz too, of course)

This is a really interesting subject for a blog. It would be fascinating, to see you expand further, on this topic....
The early modern period was western civilization 18 to 30 years old. And every civilisation goes through a period of being spirited yet reasonable which lies between childhood and middle age. Analysing and sterilizing everything to death had yet to take place, reason was a tool not the point of being alive. Life was beginning to be understood but life was primarily still a thing to be lived. Intuition dominated.

"Though this be madness there be method in it"
"Humans can be consumed by non sense, but be incredibly creative at the same time" uh oh

I think many people can be both. If not religion, can be spirituality and some sort of belief, which I wouldn't call "nonsense", and be very creative. Maybe that's how they get inspired. dunno
"Non existent god"?
But, for him, it did exist!
It's all a matter of perception dunno

He discovered many other mathematical truths, in addition to the Calculus

And besides I think we have a primitive version of alchemy now and we call it vibrancy. All things are universally interchangeable even the one thing that almost certainly isn't. Human beings and their variety of culture and history. Particle acceleration can turn lead into gold and I suppose technically it could turn a dog into a horse
And it's not by coincidence that the alchemists seek to make the culture literally 18 to 30. Immigration is perceived by western elites and sub-elites as the fountain of youth, the keys to eternal life in the western soul and it's inner dreams of infinity. What would keep the west immortal over time and space, life and death. Mass immigration is seen as the way for modernity to replenish itself without birth and death, without family and belonging
And I won't vouch for their authenticity as Donald Trump hardly smacks of traditional values, but it is that universally interchangeable soul of infinity that they're dead against. Populists are the perception that the modern world has been rationalized and sterilised too much and in answer to that comes a faked traditional. They can't actually recapture who their ancestors were. At the end of civilisation and the end of your own lifetime there comes a second childhood but there's a very important difference between that and the young, between Donald Trump and Isaac Newton.
I think you are wrong. Newton desperately wanted god to exist. That is NOT the same as believing. There is a difference, there.
Of course he had to assume that there is a god, in order to talk about the subject
* In the manner of a "believer"
That's how I'd describe it. Populists are ahead of the curve and that's not a good thing. It is the late middle age western dream of mutating the human race into beings of pure energy versus a senior dream to turn against what western civilization has stood for throughout it's adult life. Trump is symbolic of the way right-thinking people said the world should not be run. What's coming now is a world run in such a way that reasonable people over the centuries said that it shouldn't. And it actually doesn't matter which side wins, it's as inevitable as the sunset.

Some wise words, but should we combine Newton and Trump in the same blog???

Newton estimated IQ 190-210

Trump self proclaimed IQ 156

(I'd say closer to 120, actually)
@chesney you do talk gibberish - Trump? wtf does he come into the Newton story - keep that ghastly thing out of here, I won't have the genius of a Newton sullied with that freak.
Whoa! Hold yer horsies, right there! Now, Newton has been given a lot of credit. But history has also demonstrated that Leibniz simultaneously invented Calculus. In fact, everybody that has actually taken Calculus, myself included, mostly use Leibniz notation, rather than Newton's (for the most part). professor

What made the celibate Newton so famous was his vector equation, F=ma, just like Uncle Albert (Einstein) is known for E=mc^2. Newton's studies in physics also proved that light could be broken into different colors. Thus, the Calculus just kind of rode on his long coat-tail. But, to say that the world would be bereft of Calculus without him, is absurd.

Further proof is the study of evil church monasteries. During their reign, especially in the European 'dark age' they took books from the Greeks, and purposely erased them and over-wrote them with religious texts. One of these books turned out to include the Greek's "method of exhaustion." Look it up, because this was a precursor to Calculus. It had all of the elements of Calculus, but didn't have the formal notation, nor the concept of ZERO! wow super So, if the Greeks hadn't lost their next war, the Calculus would have been invented much, much sooner, and the world would be a far, far different place, and likely much, much better. Or if the church hadn't destroyed so many scientific books. Much shame be upon them! boxing

So, the Euro-centric view of history is often skewed, so please take a closer look. Calculus is something that existed, but was just waiting to be discovered, without being lost. yay

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I can't even comment, because statement was so hilariously absurd.....Particle into a horse...

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Need too.... ROFL...catch....rolling on the floor breath....rolling on the floor laughing
Blimey mate! You just called them both freaks! So, your logic is: Freak .not. = Freak. Conclusion does not follow, contradiction in terms.

FF, you seem to be smoking from the same pipe as the others. Take a nap, sleep it off. Tell us about the experience when it is over and your head is back on straight......

Actually, mate, if you scroll up; you will see that I have explicitly acknowledged Leibnitz, as a co-creator of the Calculus. I've kept is short and sweet, since this is a Newton blog.

Maybe you wish to interpolate a bit further?
So, in summary: trying to prove the unprovable (i.e the existence of god), is primarily, what sent this brilliant man (Newton), mad.

Any questions?

More, explained...
Anyway, if there is a god, (which I strongly doubt), then he should let atheists into heaven. I mean, that would be the decent thing to do, wouldn't it?
Looks like you believe in heaven and have an inclination to go there. That's probably enough to get you there where you will see God for yourself, just like Thomas, so all will turn out right in the end.

God Bless You. angel laugh

Shush now. Be like the three monkeys.
There is a 4th (abstract monkey), called "think no evil", has anyone ever told you that?

And I indeed Would Become Religious, All I need is for you, merlot, to show me where to place adam and eve, in the science. And then I will take it from there, ok?

@ merlot

Anyway, no hard feelings, mate. Have a bear...

Read it more carefully.
What I am saying is you are a doubter, so if you keep playing dumb you might just stumble into heaven where you will find out if there is a God controlling things or if atheists automatically go there too. You already implied that you believe in heaven but not God. I never said that I believe in Adam and Eve, you just assumed that. So it is just your mouth that can get in your own way of getting there.
@merl it was Newton who obsessively believed and wrote and wrote about religion. Absurd belief does not exclude brilliance. Someone here earlier was decrying his genius, but in optics and motion and gravitation and physics, in inventions was he not supreme? Binomial theorem? Principia Mathematica?
I am implying no such thing! Please notice; I use the word IF god exists. And my friend, the word 'IF' is the most powerful word in the English Language.

Please go back, and read what I ACTUALLY SAID.

If some A's are B's, and some B's are C's, are some A's C's?

Anyway, I may prefer the "other place" least I'll know people, there...

Did he have a point, or what?

@ merlot

How can I imply ANYTHING, IF I strongly doubt that thing?

Mathematically I'd say the odds of god, existing are

Prob(GE) = (10^ -1000000)

Please notice the minus - sign
Your statement simplified for clarity.

"If there is a god then he should let atheists into heaven.

The existence of Heaven is not dependent on the condition "if" in this instance"

Whether Got should let you into Heaven is the only dependant condition.

Did you mean to say:

"if there is a god, (which I strongly doubt), then heaven would exist and he should let atheists into heaven."

roll eyes

Stop digging.
If some dogs are brown objects
And some tables are brown objects

Therefore some dogs are tables?

Patent nonsense

(An example for you)

Do you know logic???

Anyway, @ merlot

Did Huxley have a point, here?
He's a "comfort bear" to help you along...

@ merlot

I see you've gone all quiet, there. What about this bloke? May he not also have a point?

@ merlot

Just face it, mate. The universe, simply does not give a shit, about you, me, nor anybody else...
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