Terrible Impact On Russian Morale’ – After Storm Shadow, Russia Could Face Hell From German Long-Range ‘Taurus’ KPED 350 Missiles.
After the United Kingdom and France decided to arm Ukraine with their Storm Shadow/SCALP EG long-range missiles, German lawmaker has urged the country to join the bandwagon and supply its long-range Taurus KPED 350 cruise missiles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).
In an interview with German news outlet RND on May 23, German opposition Christian Democratic Union MP and retired colonel Roderich Kiesewetter urged the Bundeswehr to transfer the German long-range Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine.
“Ukraine’s partners should now take a gamble and provide the country with everything it can utilize for a multi-domain, interrelated use of various types of weaponry within the bounds of international law,” he told RND while stressing the need to bolster Ukraine’s long-range strike capabilities.Link: eurasiantimes.com
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I think a white flag is cheaper both in money and human cost.

Nobody in the west cares that most of eastern Ukraine is full of Russian citizens?
I remember how important that stuff was in Jugoslavia.
And one more comment:
if they bomb civilans on purpose in Russia
well.... there could be a chance Putin finally would do the same in Ukraine.
Just sayin'
Don’t Putin does already?
Universalism is the hallmark of the west and we can never define the worth of hating the neighbouring village. The truth is that eastern Europe isn't even a thing like western Europe is. What do they have in common apart from all being the victims of communism?
No, not to my knowledge.
Sometimes mistakes happen or accidents, and sometimes the enemy hides
in recidential areas. Then you have to try and hit as little as possible the innocent civilians
who get cought in the crossfire, and Russia been very careful. Why youn think it takes so long?!
Keep in mind, most or at least large parts of the people inside the cities in the east (where the fighting has been going on) are Russians. Okay...

Putin could have bombed recidential areas in Kiev and Odessa tomorrow, right?
And killed maybe 10.000 a day.... (still a bit up to what we did in ww2)...
But that never happened.
Correct, he did strike some water en electrical supply here and there, that much is true.
But never targeted residential areas with only civilians.
What we and them have in common?
Maybe chess is one....
Don't be a racist now ches. Don't let yourself be brainwashed by msm.
Yes the wallpaper thingy they should do something about... agree..
but that don't make them savage.
Besides what made primitive tendencies folk less worthy?
It's like saying Iraqies can we kill cos they don't have so much value... not large enough thoughts.
Do you know a few eastern Europeans? Polish will do...

Here are some of my favorite Russians:

We damn westerners need to get down for our high horse, the quicker the better.
For a better world!

USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier is in Oslo now.
You know why.
To send a signal.

I'd love the ship to go home.
And it's not the folk who work onboard I have anything against.

I'm just sick and tired of the enemy rethoric!
That some benefit from.
I don't!
I think we all humans, and say that Western Europeans are better than Eastern Europeans is wrong. Difference only that Western Europeans have less experience of tragedy that happen to Eastern Europeans when their countries had to suffer deportations , death i Siberia , life under occupation…easy life does not make Western Europeans somehow better than others.
I just want to add.
If you analyze most of the strikes Russia has made in Ukraine since the war started, you will find that the vast majority was selected and targeted missile strikes avoiding civilian infrastructure and civilians to the best of their ability. Study has shown this ,cos Russia still considers the majority Ukrainian folk as fellow slavs that have been brainwashed. That's one of the main reasons the Ukrainian forces use the dwelling of the civilians for sniper as well as rocket attacks against the Russians, knowing that they will avoid returning fire in case of civilians caught in crossfire. Unfortunately the Wagner PMC group don't follow those ethics.
So, the Russians who started a war by invading Ukraine are trying not to hurt anyone?

In particular, they are bombing essential infrastructure supplying power, water and food/medical supplies in Ukraine in a bid not to hurt Ukranian civilians?

The Russians are careful of their own sending young men off to war to die in their thousands? hmmm
Please get your facts right, the Russians never STARTED the war. doh
Oh right, the Russian military were just going on holiday together in Ukraine.

I get it now. thumbs up
If you had let's say 5 kids, and your neighbor started killing them one a week, will you react when all of them are slaughtered or when you tried over and over to convince your neighbor to stop killing the 2nd or 3rd or forth...? Surely a good parent would attack the killer no????
This war was started before 2014.
That's my final words on this.
And in 2014 who started this war??? Don’t say that Ukraine invaded Russia when it is obvious who is aggressor in this war.
You did???uh oh

Ha ha harolling on the floor laughing
That would be advisable.
I agree with you Lukeon, can't help the folks on here suffering lost listen mate.

They have repeatably been advised the Ukraine constitution binds Ukraine to the Democrat Russian Federation Constitution and its Bill of Rights that was ratified in December 1993.
In 1991 the new Russian constitution declared Russia as a democratic federation, a law-based state with a republican form of government. State power is divided among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. democracy. Russia is a democracy and west Ukraine has been part of that Russia for more than 800 years.
So mate i suggest that you stay your course and just ignore the stupidity that keeps getting tossed up by members that don't guard there mindscomfort
rolling on the floor laughing Don't take it so hard, I know the truth hurts like hell...comfort

Hi Rob,
I'm seriously starting to think that persons is totally incapable of thinking or themselves ^^laugh They tend to remind me of Dumb and Dumber all rolled into one, and the cherry on the cake is that 'they' get upset when confronted with snippets of the truth.rolling on the floor laughing Quite hilarious. Enjoy your day there buddy.handshake cheers
Capable maybe, willing no.
Have a great weekend Luke cheers
Thanks and you too have a great weekend. Winter has hit us here with no warning.

handshake cheers
At least we can't blame Putin for that one... I think.. laugh
"west Ukraine has been part of that Russia for more than 800 years."

Do you want to amend that hyperbolic?

Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
There have been more than 900 attacks on Ukraine's health care system since Russia's invasion began, according to the WHO. France denounced the most recent strikes as "war crimes." Link: CNN
all I read was interesting UNTIL I saw the CNN.

That makes all you said not worthy of being read. CNN is the chief msm bull sitter of all times. I will never believe anything they say, ever period.bouquet
It was wrong to weaponize civilians. Zelensky may have had good intentions but he lacked experience and intelligence. Yes the civilians wanted to fight, of course they did, so did the Irish with pitch forks but they got killed. He brought this on Ukraine through his naivety. He is continuing with a pig headed approach while his country is being destroyed and the population displaced and turned into refugees with 4 or 5 million gone east to Russia and another 4 or 5 million gone west, plus the displaced traumatised millions remaining not to mention those killed and worse.
My bad for not doing this right the first time. Plus, I used a hint that I thought would tip you off about being wrong but maybe it was too obscure for you.

Anyway recap, I called you on something you wrote? (I hit quote and highlighted it this time to avoid confusion).

Well you are wrong because the USSR, not Russia, finally got Western Ukraine(what we know it as today) by taking Eastern Poland under the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact in "1939" and then annexed it officially since the USSR was in de facto the possession of it at the end of WW2.

Funny your wiki link to History of Ukraine page forgot to mention that. I think wiki said: After the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, the Ukrainian SSR's territory expanded westward

Please, don't take my word Google it.
I disagree Ukraine's constitution was ratified in 1936 and Ukraine did not, did not elect to leave at the time the USSR ceased to exist being the time Democratic Russian Federation and Bill of Rights was created. Ukraine's constitution bound Ukraine to the new DRF whether you agree or not is your business. My view relates to the truth I perceive and certainly not some fantasy Obama & Biden would have others believe after it got google to clean the web.
What the lying Nazi (catholic's ) and others want us to believe is of concern to me and all honest concerned individuals.
What you think occurred is not what occurred lawfully and i caution you, China insists there will be no peace in Ukraine until the CAUSES are understood and you most certainly don't demonstrate even the slightest interests in the CAUSES so lots of luck to yadoh
The way I see it Western nations like to pretend that colonialism was all but wiped out in the years following the Second World War. However, those who know better than to trust the accounts of the western ‘victors’ of WWII understand that imperialism is alive and well. Constant military and political interventions in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa serve to uphold American hegemony in the world. While the US maintains that these incursions into the sovereignty of other nations are in the interests of promoting ‘universal values’, such as so-called democracy and freedom, it is clear in the aftermath of such attacks that the opposite is true. Rather than improving the countries that the US (among other nations) invades, the outcome is often mass bloodshed and severe degradation of the quality of life for the lower classes.
Never getting their own hands dirty, for many years Proxy wars were the rule in the invasion and instalation of puppet governments.
Unfortunately when the power of the MSM are unleashed on the already brainwashed and gullible public they lap it up as the gospel truth and will stand and support the criminal invaders, idolizing and justifying the actions of the true war criminals. This is an perfectly planned and executed phycological operation that has taken many years to perfect.
You may need to check your figures as the current population of Ukraine is 42,97 million as of Sunday, May 28, 2023, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data. The population in 2019 was 44,62 million.

It is believed that over 1 million children, some as young as 4 months, have been forcibly removed from Ukraine and taken to Russia as part of an indoctrination programme.
So when was the last census? Are you sure that the worldometer's figures are accurate or are they guesswork, think before you speak. If you want to dispute what I said that is fine but at least have some credible evidence, otherwise it just looks like you're having a go.

Regarding your second point where are the details or is it just a random thought that escaped your subconcious.

I never criticise people but you are the third person to have a go in the past couple of days so give me something solid or take a break.
Taken many years to degenerate. I sometimes think about how South Korea and Japan turned out the way they did, in spite of the latter being nuked, and then we have nothing to show for South Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. They're all bollocks.
My explanation is TINA and the baby boomers. They didn't have to do anything right because they thought they'd win anyway. Aren't we all entitled to a fully-functioning first world capitalist democracy? There is no alternative as good as saying there is no competition aka planet ruled by Mr Monopoly - and Mr Monopoly is a posh spaz.
If one thinks clearly about South African Border wars the it makes perfect sense that South Africa was also used as a Proxy Force in Angola. Never forget that Angola has rich oil fields as well as diamonds and other minerals to be exploited.
Age brings wisdom they say.
The USA needs Ukraine's rich agricultural lands for growing food, the oil fields of Ukraine can replenish dwindling US reserves. In a nutshell natural resources in Ukraine include: iron ore, coal, manganese, natural gas, oil, salt, sulfur, graphite, titanium, magnesium, kaolin, nickel, mercury, and arable land.
Now we can think why this war is so important to the USA.
If Zimbabwe or Swaziland were to discover oil and gas tomorrow plans would be put into place to create Proxy wars. There is no doubt in my mind.
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