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Top story this afternoon: Stewart Rhodes, founder of the extremist group OATH KEEPERS was sentenced to 18 years in prison for seditious conspiracy in connection with the January 6th attack on the US Capitol.
His sentence is the longest that has been handed down so far in the hundreds of Capitol riot cases. A lawyer for Rhodes stated they plan to appeal his conviction.

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What is the actual crime connected to this "seditious conspiracy" ? They must've proven that in actual fact his involvement and conspiring to commit what acts gave him this sentence?

Personally I think this is how a martyr is born that will go down in history.
18 years is a helluva sentence.
I was going to say that's a life sentence for murder on this side of the pond, but people did die.

Is Stewart Rhodes well known and well liked enough to be an influential martyr to the cause? He seems like a bit of a sad prick who will be soon forgotten about, to me.
Yes, you've got it right. They had enough evidence to charge him and several of his crew with seditious conspiracy in connection with an attempt to overthrow the government by blocking the certification of Joe Biden as president.

He was the founder/leader of Oath Keepers and received the longest sentence.
The Durham report highlights what was the real seditious conspiracy.
Perpetrated and paid for by hillary by laundering $$ thru a law firm and
involved the fbi,cia,and doj. But crickets is all we hear about that.
phat... very cool. So it was Hillary?
I should have known.
Surely that was in an email on Hunter Biden's laptop.

Got a link?

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a quote?
did you read any of the Durham report?
It's not a classified document ya know lol
It's 316 pages long or I would post it here....
that's probably around 315 pages beyond any liberals ability to comprehend.
Even CNN has a link to it.
315 pages beyond any liberals ability to comprehend.

Pretty strong words... are you sure about that?

Report on matters related to intelligence activities and investigations arising out of the 2016 presidential campaigns

Okay, Trump won that election.

Please, give me the "READERS DIGEST" version and how Stewart Rhodes is connected to it.
read it for yourself lazy a$$
You wanted a link - I gave you a link.
I'm too simple minded... I'll have to find a right winger to 'splain it for me.
Oh, by the way - nice cricket. Humorous touch shouldn't go unacknowledged.
well played.
I a nut shell, Durham said fbi had no basis for their crap they went after trump for.
Hillary laundered money thru a law firm to pay for the opposition research on trump that was all made up and unverified yet the fbi used it multiple times to get FISA warrants to spy on Americans. All of which is illegal and should have been punishable.
He mentions all of the guilty players by name. You should really give it a look.
You asked for the link - but in typical liberal fashion you don't want to be bothered with the truth.
In a nutshell...there was NO Russian collusion....

Never was...but, they tried to impeach him over it....

RFK Jr, has said that the first thing his father said, when JFK was assassinated, he thought the CIA was involved...

Much of that has still not been released....

That was the one election I did not vote in...
Hillary vs. Trump I mean
@phat typical RIGHT-speak from you as always, don't you agree? Stereotyping of liberal thinkers. Said perpetrator was also charged with and convicted of interfering with evidence.
I don't think the election was stolen because that would be too open. I expect you to cheat more like a woman or a nerd, cheat more like Goebbels subtle and more sophisticated like the Russian collusion hoax story. Entrapment and preying on losers creating the reasons why someone would try and burn down the Reichstag, and then making the most of it when they do.
I'm up to the part where phat is connecting Hillary, Russians and Durham...
but, I haven't seen the connection as to why Stewart Rhodes was sentenced to 18 years.
To have schemes that are opaque and behind the curtain like a woman, not transparent and one-dimensional like a man.

But I guess in this sense both sides are like the Nazis but not. The Nazis knew how to change speech and behaviour matched to the audience. They encompassed the street and the elite, masculine and feminine.
They feel empowered to do so... I noticed it in High-school where those who came from families with money, picked on those who didn't.
One friend had tattered jeans that his mother stitched up and one of the football stars cornered him in the hallway saying "I used to wear clothes like that, until my dad got a JOB!"
Same concept.
Although that's one thing to cling onto. The divorce between the brain and the balls is itself a bulwark against the holistic Nazis. You don't get people familiar with all walks of life, the nation is a matter of section and individual. Civil war in the west is far more likely than invading anyone else. I know we've been invading others for years, but we wouldn't have known. When it comes to war that actually feels like war, it will be a civil war.
Mussolini described as the radical centre, the government of national unity, but I don't anticipate this being possible without war in the trenches. Fascism as per the 20th century is unimaginable without the experiences of world war one - that shared life in trenches. Lockdown doesn't count if anything lockdown demonstrates our unwillingness to wage war on behalf of the nation. So little in the way of national unity, so unwilling to be conscripted. That's why you got the opposition to lockdown, it reflects just how militarized the general public isn't.
His ex-wife claims he was/is abusive (including physical violence) and alleged oath keeper funds appeared to be misappropritated by him. She has expressed her relief that he has been given such a long sentence because now she feels her children, herself and the country are safe.

His son has described him as an emotional terrorist and has talked of escaping his father's hold over him.

Not really much of a man, never mind a hero.
Much has changed from 100 years ago therefore I don't expect fascism to look like it did do in the past.

All we have in common with 100 years ago is an old people who believed no expense should be spared saving their skin, because they've be living on the easy street since the 1850s, and a more general belief that depopulation would be a good idea anyway. The Somme general was a geriatric Malthus and we do still have plenty of those.
And if Trump takes money from the poor to fight his battles then what is the difference between that and your average baby boomer? Apart from Trump comes with a laugh?

I certainly believe that a lot of support for Trump comes from a sense that you'd rather be scammed by someone who puts a smile on your face. Scammed by an entertainer than scammed by your lectures. Higher education is a boring scam intended to provide work for teachers and votes for democrats by stealing from the young.
And that's the ironic state of higher education when you consider that baby boomers were the best educated generation ever to have lived. All the cleverness has been used to make sure that no one receives quality education ever again and this is because cleverness has f*ck all to do with decency. More the contrary, stupid people are much more likely to be caught and held to account for their crimes. To catch people who can think requires people who can think and it was quite a clever move to make sure that none of posterity can think
@ches you truly do speak in tongues, long-winded absurdities. Where on earth do you get education as either boring or a scam? Of course we need educators, teachers. Study is a joy and challenge. A scam? Nonsense how can you say such things? I study online in the MOOCS free, (because I do beta-testing in the courses) I feel always rewarded, and if anyone is stealing it is I, the one who receives the benefit. Stealing from the young? On the contrary the degree pays for itself time over time.
Ches is right. I presume it was the 'woke' who decided that "everybody must have a degree".
Absolute nonsence. Jobs for the boys, perhaps.
Finally they have realised their stupid mistake and are now considering reversing things. Better late than never. Education has not helped the critics as is often evidenced in their writing. laugh
Woke is a joke, (mostly)...
looking up the legal difference between treason and sedition, I came across:

From that article I quote:
The laim of 'no valid proof' would appear to have been overruled.
The claim...
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