Fox Entertainment Might Be Banned In Canada

Due to Tucker Carlson and his over the top rants that are considered homophobic, misogynistic and racist...the powers that be are considering banning Fox programs based on false information and spreading hate propaganda...

Is freedom of speech being threatened or do you think that this is a necessary means of setting news standards for broadcasting companies?...

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Oh yea, I think we need to ban some more... rolling on the floor laughing
So they afraid of Fox still even after "cleaning" Tucker out? confused


This a reflection of what some people are thinking...nothing for sure so far but I think spreading hate and misinformation for ratings is unacceptable...Fox is no longer a News is an entertainment they skirted the issue of news standards...


Surely CRTC or NNC or some such body in Canada have powers to censure and govern the unruly for breaches of ethics? Of course they have no power over foreign broadcasts other than to have the government withdraw broadcast rights, since US seems reluctant to have a News Council with any teeth.
Pretty hard to control the online broadcasting however, isn't it!
So, in a nut shell, Fox Snooze is just like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and every other propagandist news agency.


I think it is clear that the news program executives not just Tucker Carlson violated Canadian standards...some feel by sacking Carlson, it was enough to ensure the public that ethics do matter...I am also sure that this breach of ethics complaint is not taken lightly and a need for discourse with concerned citizens should be heard before following through with this censure or not...

My take is that once Fox decided to become an entertainment corp...their news programs should no longer be considered factual...and it is hard to expect/control anything online...

Thanks for your comment...

If they violated standards...yes...
News should not have sides...reporting facts not folly...

Hello L.L.

It is in an interesting story.

I wonder how far we can go with all this discrimination stuff.

How about, is it discrimination to want to be around somebody in your life because they are more attractive than someone else...or more wealthier....or more intelligent.....or taller.

You know...they say actions speak louder than's actions towards others can show discrimination.

Another meaning of discriminating is entirely positive. To be discriminating is a good quality. I am discriminating in my choice of cheese wine and news service. Brie must be mature and runny, shiraz bold heart and fruity, and anything associated with Murdoch must never get playtime!
^ hearty
It's interesting that the rumour about Fox started with a 'freedom of speech' post.
The media is like a multiple point road junction without traffic lights. In other words chaotic and best avoided.
"News" is just a category within a broadcasting entity, it carries no status as regards actual fact. They are after all called news stories.
Regulation takes place after the event. As they say "you can't unsee" something. Meaning the damage is done and in a lot of cases it's not worthwhile pursuing it.
Best policy is never believe anything you see or hear. It used to be half. laugh
75, 14, 25, 4:46, 66, 1:45, ?
This new century creates a situation where liberal is not an easy thing to be. For the first time in 70+ years being liberal will cost you personally. It won't be a profitable or positive experience, the right thing won't just happen anyway like it used to do, trying to do the right thing is going to cost you and anyone who attempts the same. It's not pleasant, profitable, positive or anything of the kind to be a liberal anymore.
What needs to be made clear is that people are authoritarian precisely because it is popular, because it creates a sense of continuity in your life.

Authoritarianism doesn't work when it exists to make the culture more of a wild social experiment where you don't know where you are today compared to yesterday. it's not here to make the world more strange and unnerving, it's not here to make the future happen more quickly. Authoritarianism must establish continuity, propaganda must be popular.. that's why people go for it. I don't see any future in the west's weirdo minority fascism unless the majority are replaced by robots who don't have a human nature. Robots don't care if you get rid of everything instinctive, and everything that existed.

News used to be considered unbiased information (my opinion) but this no longer rings would be best to view "news" as an entertainment entity considering the intent of making money and using this public platform for personal gain...
Changing to an entertainment structure allows the broadcasting of ignorant unsubstantiated stories but many do get their information from news casts and have an expectation of truth telling...dunno

Thanks for your comment...

If this happens Then it time cheering cheering
I never did like Fox news and the rest
News everywhere or 70% fake. :: frustrated
Stay Safe loulou. bouquet
News everywhere are 70% fake. :: frustrated
Stay safe, loulou. bouquet
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