At Risk: The Movie

This is to anyone who saw the world premier of Patricia Cornwell's novel turn to movie "At Risk" on Lifetime.

How was it? I thought it was pretty good. Brutal, hard-hitting, fine actors etc.

Andie MacDowell and Daniel Sunjata were superb! I read the novel awhile back and it was good. I will check out the other book "The Front" later on. The movie was pretty much the same thing.

It was better than the average book turn into tv movie. The movie is appearing back to back tonight and again tomorrow night.

With Monique Lamont portrayed by Andie MacDowell and Win Garano, played by Daniel Sunjata. And with Diahann Carroll. I know readers will love to hate ADA Lamont! And just awe over Garano!

But overall you will love the characters. Patricia Cornwell is one of my favorite authors.

Though I like her Kay Scarpetta and Andy Brazil novels series better. (Even with Angelina Jolie might be portraying Kay Scarpetta in a future movie. I don't even know who should play Andy Brazil if that series get adapted into a movie!) I am suprised that the Win Garano series was adapted to television first.

The following is a summary from the NY Daily News on the movie:

"At Risk" is the first Cornwell novel to be adapted as a movie, and it will be followed next week by the sequel, "The Front," with most of the same cast. Cornwell serves as executive producer, which ensures a certain fidelity to the original story that serves everyone well.

"At Risk" is set in the present, but it revolves around a cold case that Lamont has picked to showcase how effective her new crime-solving approach can be.

If she can solve a notorious 20-year-old murder, she figures, that will provide a major boost to her campaign for governor.

So she dispatches Win, who sort of likes her but also understands what she is and thus doesn't always trust her.

The case turns out not only to be far more complicated than anyone expected, but not to be nearly as cold.

Once it's clear someone's poking into it, bad things start to happen, not all of them exactly what they seem.

Win enlists the help of a detective friend down in Tennessee, Delma Sykes (Annabeth Gish), and forensic scientist Stump (Ashley Williams). The way they put the pieces together shows Cornell's strong suit as a writer, one of the major reasons her crime books routinely top best-seller lists.

The movie can't cover all the rich and intriguing detail of the book. But neither does it do any violence to the book, which is often the fate of books when they get into the wrong cinematic hands. Lifetime has put "At Risk" in the right ones.

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