Im new to this website,
but loving it so far.. has everything i wana do on the net, on one website.
Just got a new computer and the internet back after years, and boi, i love it. The past couple of nights, have been on the net until 3 in the morning. Brings back memories and fun times.

So, I joined connecting singles.. because im single. haha. because i was bored, actually. But would love to meet new people. So, if you have any questions, just ask. Or, send me a flower. wink.

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welcome ladiii handshake
yes welcome

there IS alot to do here

i am guessing you have been to the card section?
you can make cards, play games, chat, IM, go to the forum,
do quizzes, email and more
there is a bit of everything here

we are very lucky :)

stick around

i was single when i got here toogrin
i would rather advice you use other corners except blogs and Forumscomfort comfort you are welcome here
Welcome Ladiii

Yes, this is a great site with lots of diversity. It would be well worth the money if we had to pay.

The games are great fun and the blogs are hilarious, as are some of the members. You'll meet lots of new people and I hope you find that special one.

WORD OF WARNING: If you want any sleep, don't logon just before bedtime.
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