Civil War in Yemen

9 years almost? A dreadful civil war in a country not much smaller than Iraq or the Ukraine in population ... what is it about and why does it appear to be a forgotten war - we hear nothing of it, except occasional reference to refugees and camps ... Saudi Arabia Iran US all participants. Houthis Shia vs Sunnis at war in the name of the one person in different flavours. Doesn't matter how much you dig into the online world it evades comprehension.
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Are some western interests involved? That is the rumor.
USA is with personnel and arms, other countries are in the form of weapon sales.
Yemen has made war headlines for most of the year Farg's, it has been quiet on the Yemen front since Iran and the Saudi's are cooperating in different ways...

Back in the day the Saudi's backed the Yemen govt and Iran was backing the Houthis, some other country must be stirring the situation again maybe the US..
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