I have an ambition!

It's not to become leader of a country, though. I feel someone else might be WAY better suited for that than me. If I ran a country, I would mess it up instantly. Although, I do seem to have quite a good thing going for me in Government Simulator.

I might hear you ask "What is Government Simulator?".. I'm glad you asked. You see, Government Simulator is a is a simple economic and political simulation game based on real-world data, so technically, the game is pretty close to what happens in real life if you implement the changes.

The last time I played, I tried my hand on fixing the USA.

I implemented some of the things that we have here in Denmark, to see how that would fare in the USA according to the game. I was quite surprised.

Here's a list of things I have done, and the effect it's had:

40 hour work week
Legal minimum restricted work age: 15. Unrestricted: 18
Hourly minimum wage: $15.40
Unions allowed
Retirement age for both men and women: 66
Abortion allowed
Guns not allowed
12 month maternity leave after birth. An additional 12 months entitlement to exemption thereafter
A 100% health insurance reduction. Essentially it's Universal healthcare
Strict punishments for crime
No death penalty.
Very strict punishment for pollution

35% income tax, 50% corporate tax. 2% property tax, a 1% fuel tax, a 15% alcohol tax and a 75% tobacco tax.

Total income is $2.872,22 billion.
Total expenditure is $2.2.497,22 billion

Surplus: $374.71 billion.

The debt is $10.465,91 billion

Approval rating is 91%

It's important to stress out, that this is a video game, so it might not be accurate. But, the game runs on real life data, so some of the things might be real.

But that was a detour - time to talk about my ambition.

You see, ever since I was told I would be a great supervisor, I have been thinking: What if I end up being a team leader? Or a trainer? Or a supervisor? Maybe even a boss? Sure, the pay is better, but the amount of responsibility I would be getting is insane. Lots of things to do, people to manage, schedules to plan, phone calls to take.. I have seen how many phone calls my team leader gets on a daily basis, and it's quite a lot. IF I was given the option to become a trainer, I would gladly take it. I enjoy teaching new people about the systems, give them small hints or straight up tell them my favourite way of doing a task. Like, for example, how to pick the best way manually.

So yes, my ambition for my job is to become more than just a regular employee. I want responsibility. I want to be more important, because frankly: I deserve it. I have been pulling extra hours this past month, and I'm already sort of training our new temp workers. I'm gonna have a word with my team leader when he's back from holiday on Monday.

Speaking of my place of employment: I have been there one year today! I started as a temp worker on August 8, 2022. Time really does fly..
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I made a comment on one of your blogs about ambition...laugh
It is good to have ambition...and to strive for better...
When the company thrives you could in turn receive monetary bonuses...a win win situation...

The game you are playing does not factor in people's opinions or corporation's thoughts on such taxes...or some of the social stances you have expoused...laugh

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