Oh alas alack - poor Rudy G!

Can't help but feel sorry for him, or can you?
Sydney Powell foot in mouth to come... where's the 'rubbing one's hands with glee' emoji when you need it? cartwheel
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He lied about the 2 women.
They received death threats.
Later, he admitted he lied.
What more needs to be said...
Chat, can you give me the link to the admitting part?
I'd like to see how he worded it.
Google: Rudy admits he lied

Story dated July:
Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump's former lawyer, has conceded he made "false" statements by accusing two Georgia election workers of ballot fraud.

But in a court filing, Mr Giuliani also maintained that his statements were protected by freedom of speech.

In a two-page concession, filed on Tuesday night, Mr Giuliani said his statements were "false" and admitted his remarks "carry meaning that is defamatory per se".

Recent news:
A federal judge has determined that Rudy Giuliani has lost a defamation lawsuit from two Georgia election workers against him after he failed to provide information sought in subpoenas.

The decision could lead to significant penalties for the former Donald Trump attorney.

I expect you will Interpret it how you normally do...

He had a timeline to provide the evidence that would exonerate him from guilt. He failed to meet the deadline.

Now, any fool who had the evidence to prove their innocence, would have provided it...

Very easy to understand.
Well thanks for the clearification Chat.
I suppose I can't ask for more even if I was not to see
the exact words of "the mayor" in it's entirety.

His lawyer said this "While Giuliani does not admit to plaintiffs' allegations,
he - for purposes of this litigation only - does not contest the factual allegations."
So there you are.

tip hat
Well at least one thing's for sure: let the poor women have the cash, they deserve it after what they been through.
You're consistent.
I won't take the bait next time.
So there you are...
It doesn't work like that in US law, which of course Giulliani must know, him being a lawyer.

Having admitted culpability in this defamation suit, having admitted he lied about election fraud, I'm pretty sure his liability is now admissable with respect to being a charged as a co-conspirator in the RICO case in Georgia and with respect to being an uncharged co-conspirator where Trump is going to trial for election subversion in a few months' time.

Guilliani not contesting this case will have consequences for himself and his alleged criminal co-conspirators. The question is, why would he put himself and his alleged co-conspirators in this desperate position when his admission and legal culpability is at the very heart of the two cases above? shock

The thing is, in flagrantly violating the judge's orders to preserve and produce relevant evidence he has avoided the discovery phase of the defamation suit. Not only will that result in extra costs (the plaintiffs having been denied the full story and understanding of their experience) it also implies that the evidence that was not preserved and produced was far more damning than landing himself and others (i.e. Trump) in the shit in two of their related criminal cases.

Wriggle around and deny all you want, but Giulliani admitting he made up this story of election fraud is the equivalent of the fat lady warming up her voice in her dressing room.

The question that should, and no doubt will be asked now, is whether Giulliani was avoiding the discovery because it would make the criminal cases even easer to prove, or was he hiding evidence such that criminal charges could be brought that are more serious than the ones already on the table? dunno
Assuming they're going to get any cash given that Giulliani will likely be bankrupt before long.

He's refusing to make use of public defenders (he knows how ineffective they are from his targetting black communities in New York with his 'broken windows' policy and policing) and Trump is refusing to pay for his loyal friends' legal fees.

That's pretty short-sighted of Trump, ne?

Not that Giulliani would be offered a plea deal for co-operatng. Having publicly said, "Truth isn't truth" then any sworn testimony by him will be akin to polishing a turd.
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