- Chapter I:


“All and everything is Vainglouriousness, into this world! Harder to realize such ultimate truth, when you are young and restless! As the year pass, however, one gets older and then, it has the chance to finally learn. Some reaching the 3rd age range, know it fully, especially when the body can’t function as before, becoming harder and heavier; rare, are the cases in which stamina or strength is maintained, so as the difference not be felt so much, - but in most cases, nothing helps, as the functions of the body are regressing. Then, there are cases in which the level of thinking changes, life tasted before, becoming more and more boring, or just a feeling of anxiety, taking place. While other cases, refers to what someone accomplished, and at certain time, retreats, retire, finally opening its eyes and heart to what was not conceivable before, or, just expanding its mind, in the right direction. Of course, there are particular cases who are already developing these inner states of being, since childhood, due to some events who leads them on the right path and to the exact same choices anchoring to Reality; while very, very rare, to be born this way, and have a natural insight over the world. In the flower of youth, some could walk on the right track, as well, for occurrences interfere with their life and the change happens, although not really naturally, like a process coming from the inner-self. But certain fact is that once someone walks on such a path, what is happening with it and with the world, is from amazing to shocking, each one having its own experiences, although have signs in common, with the other ones. Some of them, when encountering another one who might have understood these aspects, are rejoicing, discovering they were not alone and that nothing is wrong with them. The feeling that someone could have, that there is something in its being that pure and simple, can’t fit this society, is due to the fact that these are not found within society’s core; although society promotes ideas such as spiritual development, it is not enough, for one needs to have experience, rather than just recording something from a book which looked nice to its mind sinking along the pages, and following paths which won’t lead anywhere, if not making it feeling worse, for not being able to cope or adapt, - or, just being misled, deceived. When one realize that from a word which has different meanings to anyone hearing it, until the substance, and later the essence of what’s behind or beyond, it’s a long road – and full of dangers, as well – can’t wonder, anymore, why nothing seems to work, for it, or with it; that is because the achievement comes through practice; while practice, means constantly working with yourself. But working with yourself, becomes working against yourself, when comes about this world; when the division occurs in the – self – there is an unseen war, distinguished; from oscillation in what is worldly and what is heavenly, one can be extremely damaged, for there is a short line, from sanity to madness, as well as there are traps, encountered along this narrow path, which may harm the being. It is easy to speak of all these, but so harder, to attain!..”

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- Shall be continued…

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