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Thanks to a good friend of mine, my guitar is finally in the shop for a complete overhaul. I could never afford it but my friend told me to put it in the shop and not to worry about it so I did. Frets, nut, bridge being realigned, neck shimmed, the whole treatment. Gonna be a new guitar when its finished. The guy I sent it to is well known locally for excellent work. Gonna be a long wait over the next few days lol.

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I have a question.
I spoke with a local wood worker holiest and he pointed out that the environment a wood comes from alters the wood when it entire a new environment.
So say cracking due to too much or too less moisture.
Being a musician have you noted tonal differences between dry and damp areas you play?
I understand tuning to a venue, but I have never heard any discussion regarding environment.
If you would please give me your opinion on this man.
It toke me forty years to finally see what he lookled like so two versions one live.

Environment plays a big factor for wooden instruments. Optimal temperature and humidity are always tried to be met at music venues for the instruments. When storing a acoustic guitar in a case, it is recommended that you have a humidity regulating device in with it. North America is a harsh place where the humidity varies between summer and winter, especially where I am to (very humid in the summer vs drier in the winter).
I have seen Republic of Doyle.
Just kidding, but really I have,
Much the same way they keep books then.
To you how does a sound sound in a dry spot versus a damp spot?
Is there more play with the strings and more resonance?
Not being a musician I am not certain I can phrase this properly but do you require more pressure in one environment versus another?
Gurdjieff wrote about tuning a piano to a room to elicit emotional response from a group.
Cathedrals were designed so the light would literally elate those during mass.
You read about such things and never have anyone to question.
When in doubt ask an expert.

What on earth is Burgess Meredith doing in that first youtube?
To tell you the truth, I never really paid attention to it but I can see the logic behind it. It would be subtle but to a highly trained ear, there may be differences between a dry and wet environment. I know when you have a green piece of wood vs a dried piece of wood, they make totally different sounds when you tap them. The same could very well apply to the instrument depending on what environment its in.
When you get it back...You can post a video of you playing it...

Happy for you Track.
I will :)
I don't have a tonal ear like many people do.
That is why I enjoy old sing along type of stuff with those having"normal" voices, not the high pitched stuff you hear today.
No comment on Jaimie Brockett?
I posted a link on a financial site and this HK guy wrote back how phenomenal Brockett was with his chord changes and style.
I first herd the song back in the 70's on a late night semi folk station. I think Gary Storm, OIL OF DOG, was running the show.
Storm was a fairly famous DJ you can Google him.
He played a lot of Zappa as well.

Track, did you get the guitar back?
He didn't post a video of it, so he didn't. tongue
I'll be waiting to see the video. wave
Haven't got her yet. It looked like the guy I went to had a bit of stuff lined up by what was piled up in the corner, may be a week or even longer before getting the guitar back. I never told him there was any rush or anything so I guess when he gets around to it.
Hopefully, you own more than one guitar... yes?
One electric, one acoustic, one classical, and 2 basses. I'd love to have a wall of guitars but being on a low fixed income makes that hard to do. A good friend is helping me as it is to get my guitar put back in shape again.
I'm getting excited now Track. Nice to have good pals isn't it.hug
Good friends and family is priceless. I would rather what I have now above any amount of money. When someone cares enough about you to offer up something like that with clear instructions not to pay it back not too long after doing something else for me. I am very fortunate. I never asked her to do it, I was just telling her what happened to my guitar and that I was putting aside some money to bring the guitar in the shop when she told me not to worry about it. I don't go looking for that, I won't abuse it like some people would but its a very nice gesture and it means the world to me.
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