How does this work, Trump is allowed six more years if elected.

President can have ten years in office, two usually from the proceedings death or resignation then two four year terms.
If elected again he has four years.
He could become someones VP and they may resign allowing him his extra two years.
After all this I would pull a stunt like that.

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The Loser will have to run for office from prison. Even if the GOP candidate - he could not get enough votes to stuff a ballot box. He is only running to grift every last cent from the mini-maga- morons who send their social security check to him. Time to turn that page and move on from chaos politics to something that actually gets work done for the American people.
Trump had 4 years. Gets another 4. Two terms, 8 years total. He was elected, not taking over from another.
Your scenario is unrealistic.doh
Silliness. Trumps says he won in 2020. That would mean he has already had his 2 terms in office. 2nd clause 3 of the 14th Amendment bars him from ever again holding any government position again, forever.
Well,if it isn't the Wannabe-Moron-Potus,who has somehow wandered over here to spread his enlightened Garbage!rolling on the floor laughing
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