Thinking back to the defeat of Hillary

Well it left me then with the taste of regret. Not for the loss of HC but for the incoming of that gormless ogre.
I recall the debates he had with HC, seeing him there roaming the stage like a malevolent troll while Hillary was speaking - why the host permitted him to do that defies belief

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Well he was ogring around cos he knew she was full of it.
Professional liar as she is.

That you see him through that hateful lense is more on you and less on him.
You should give him a chance you know.
Start with a 1h 50min full rally.
Any of them.

Then next look at his supporters and what they have to say.
You have to do this with an open mind.
After that come here and tell us why you dislike his policies.
@gran what? listen to the moron ranting as he did today: 'We ran twice, we won twice... better the second time than the first ... we won all 50 states... Oil Gas and guns!' (he forgot right to life it seems). Probably the least intelligent least educated and least literate Potus of all time - beats Bush Jnr hands down, and ranks just higher than Buchanan for worst Potus of all time (not in my books, since I wasn't around in Buchanan's day)
Irrelevance deleted.
Yea I know he's a bit .. ehm.. you now.. "Las Vegas"... rolling on the floor laughing
so I'll throw in this funny one for you, think it's one and a half minutes only. Humor.
Made me laugh pretty hard:)
Obama speach compared to Trumpy boy.

Fargo, do you think he will win in 2024?

This could be the best joke all week!
For the record. In 2016, Hillary lost on the same voting machines where Trump lost in 2020 and claimed they were tampered with.
I thought she won the public vote and lost the electoral.
This is so stupid I can't use energy on it. It's like saying, I heard the same type of gun that was used to kill JFK was in your home last sunday, so I think your granddad shot Kennedy.
Good. Then don't.
Yes. Hillary won the popular but lost in the electoral college.

Trump lost both the popular vote and the electoral college.
@grand yes there is a distinct possibility that Trump could win. That is a horrifying thought, for USA and for the world.
No it is like saying "I heard the same type of gun that was used to kill JFK was in your home last sunday, so I think your granddad shot Kennedy.

Guess you need to brush up on your English skillslaugh
Strangely, the powers that be (Republicans) still have not found a shred of evidence against Hilary, which leads one to believe the Repulsivecans lied and used misinformation against Hilary, so actually she would have made a decent President.

Probably winning a second term.
I did mean type of gun, that was the point.
If it was the exact gun...well.. then parhaps his graddad actually was the shooter. wow laugh

Right, it was not the best example, I admit that.
Point is, a computer hurts nobody, it's a dead thing even if
it was used in all elections since Carter.
What matters is if anybody is willing to hack into it.
Yes, they are not safe from harm, using windows 7 or 10.


Oh and Chat, I didn't mean to be rude. I actually somehow like you,
I just can't understand what Trump did bad to you.
But ok... one can't figure it all out now, can 1.

Same computers were used in both elections.
The computers were never connected to the internet during the voting time period, they only got connected when loading the software, which was rigorously audited before being used.

I suggest you read how the computer company is suing those who spread lies about hacked computers used in the election.

Why do you continuously believe the lies and never follow the actual truth?
1) I can think, I have an imagination, I acn see before my inner eyes how this could have gone down.
I work as a delivery guy Riz... hand me thouse machines, set me up to meet one top computer nerd of DNC. We can meet for a 2 hour lunch that day, at a quiet restaurant in a darker part of town. I eat a few burgers while he take a much needed service on the machine... et voila!
2) I know what it means when a company that big sue you.
Same dynamic as when FBI give you a choice between 5 years in jail or 5 months if you tell them what they need. What was the amount of Billions that firm was asking, and is it worth that one tv company is gonne take all that for... eh.. a fairer election.. no all society has to pull together if you wanna avoid banana republic elections.

This is larger than just Donald being taken from us.

But I digress, bygonnes are bygonnes.
Now let's see how they steal 2024. It will happen trust me.
And you will rejoice when Biden who can hardly walk without help wins 4 more years.
Basic principles tell one:
(1) Never believe anyone who says 'believe me'
(2) Never trust anyone who says 'trust me'

Now it's not that I distrust you, I implicitly trust you to find the wrong end of the stick. I trust you to cling blindly to preposterous lies issuing from the mouth of a certain DT Potus45.
2024 will not be stolen. 2020 was not stolen. The people who tried and to a significant extent succeeded, to destroy the reputation and market of a large organisation - Dominion - will get their just deserts, and be bankrupted. Dominion will never get back what lies took from them. Similarly the people of America will never recover what lies and deception stole from them. Respect, credibility, reputation.
Hillary Clinton,Saul Alinsky's Disciple!
Not a bad thing at all to be linked with such a man, community organiser, hated by the republicans. That's a mark of achievement.
Actually, I would rejoice if Biden wins, because it would mean Trump lost again, that the American people have finally seen through his spider web of lies and misinformation.

And I admit that the humiliation Trump would endure would be icing on the cake.

Biden will probably outlive Trump.
Well, Fargo and Rizlared. I thank you for discussing in a decent manner here.
That way we honor democracy, or what's left of it after all these dacades of transfer of power from the people to the tag team of pro liars on the hill and their rich masters whom they serve.
I was working at a school when he won the election, on the days leading up to the election, I had children as young as 6 years old, crying and wondering what will happen if he wins. When he did, they were all scared and crying.

Good help America, if he wins again. The people of the U.S.A. will lose all democracy, and the constitution will be abolished. The people will no longer be free, but will be living under a family of criminals in a communist/dictatorship state, such as the ones in which his so called "friends" rule.

That man has never apologised for any of his wrong doings, in his eyes/his sick way of thinking, he had never done anything wrong. He and his family probably stole more money in those 4 years, than they made through his "fictitious" businesses.

This is my first and last comment on that orange faced, lying, racist, sexist, wanna be dictator.
then tell what part of the Constitution Trump has abolished?
Nothing yet... it will have to be a 'Wait for it moment'.
Me thinks...... You have a twin sister living in Australia ... via VPN....handshake
Conrad: I didn't say he has. I said he will do it, if he gets re-elected. If I remember correctly, he wanted to have part of it changed, so that he could, if he had been re-elected, serve more than 2 terms as president, which as I and many others see it, would have been (will be), the end of democracy in the U.S.A, and the begin of a ruling dictatorship by him and his family.
As for the election in 2024, he's relying on his 2 dictator friends to help him to steal it, especially the one who started the war in the Ukraine.

Hopefully they're both too busy with the political issues in their own countries, to be bothered with him.

Has anyone ever noticed: orange face hardly ever,, with a big smile on his face, call any other president "my friend", except for those two? For everyone else, " my friend" are just empty words he has spoken.
Thanks Luke, just saying what I really and truly think/believe. What I really find even crazier and or sicker, than him are people who live in Europe calling him "my president".

A few weeks ago on a swedish dating site, 2 men who "praised him" in that way and had also written in their profile texts, that: "they weren't interested in contact with people who don't like him or the swedish racist party", contacted me. When I replied that I didn't share their political interests, both of them blocked me.

Hence my decision to post these political statements.
You state above: Good help America, if he wins again. The people of the U.S.A. will lose all democracy, and the constitution will be abolished. The people will no longer be free, but will be living under a family of criminals in a communist/dictatorship state, such as the ones in which his so called "friends" rule.

Do you truly believe in democracy????laugh

Or when you have time look at this, its very interesting.

Democracy does not exist.
Does the OP still have untreated serious Trumpophobia? sigh
Much of the Western world, outside USA that is, consider Trump as absurd, laughable, preposterous, an anomaly that reflects something of the American decline. I am one of them. I thought Bush Jnr was a doozy, but Trump dwarfs him for incomprehension. Turn back the clock and give us Al Gore!
I would love that.

But you have no idea who is really pulling the strings in D.C.
They smear him in order to save their own privelages,
and you and well meaning good hearted people like you, believe it.
There is by now nothing I can do to make you see you been propagandized,
that train has left. If it was not for the shit that was there from before (all the corruption
that you have no clue about) I would agree he would most likely not be the best for the job.
We could have taken an (seemingly) gent like Obama instead.
A well spoken bloke who imberrace noone.
The way it stands (however) Trump make the place more democratic
(power back to the people), not less.

He is the good guy...why.. cos the alternatives (with a few decent exeptions)
are so bad you have no clue.
You get a glimpse of it in Hillary.

But I understand you're not here to discuss it, and that is fine.
I get how you feel, even if it may be a feeling somone planted in you more than
about actual politics.
Al Gore is an exaggurating selfish mf,
one of them who say and do anything to gain position.
Not much better than a tv evangelist driving a Ferrari. jmo
still spreading that Russia-Russia-Canard?confused
so,you know his innermost thoughts then?confused
The western world you speak of disliked Trump when he questioned USA spending on NATO and Trump backing out of the nonsense around the laughable climate change scam. The usa had a great and stable economy, respect in the world an no new wars during his 1st term. Trump is a business man first and detested the career politicians that did not want to give up power. Why do you talk about potus Trump so much. smh
You tell a good story, but look where he is now...
Luke: I'll take a look over the weekend, when I'm not working. ??
Grand and Conrad, I'll also answer you both on the weekend. I'm off to bed now as I'm working again tonight.....want to give my best as always, to the people I take care of at night. cheers
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