At 2am or so it was 7 for 90-something, chasing 291

ODI World cup 2023 Aus vs AFG - all over (bar the shouting), so off to bed. Yet another humiliation.
When I woke at 7am, the smartphone message - no my eyes were surely playing tricks:
Aus win by 3 wickets. Maxwell 201 off 128 balls - impossible! and hobbling on one leg much of the time.
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But no, there it was. Oh you have to feel dreadfully sorry for Afghanistan who were all over the Aussies both in batting and bowling, until, that is, Maxwell!
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LOVE it when this happens - all seems lost and then ...

Of course not expecting a response but golly the blogs are quiet these days. I like talking, even to myself dunno
I won't respond to you in that thread
I can recall no notable or remarkable comments by you. I do not praise or 'pat pat comments' on principal, since thread bystanders note and thereafter lump responders together - as we see in that thread OP's labelling of troll Aussies, and Three stooges (I had the full count of the Three Stooges on this blog). The implication seems to be those who disagree are in collusion. I might as well reply in like vein about the claque of Afrikaners but will not.

It was a freakish performance on the night when everyone must have given the game up for dead.
Whatever. For reference, I did not make the second comment you quoted. Also for reference, I am not a claquer. 90% of the comments I make on CS are either ignored or referred to obliquely if at all. If I prefer now to comment on blogs where I will get a non-aggressive or joking response, bite me. Cat and Luke happen to date back to the blogs of the past, when so many bloggers enjoyed interaction and could joke, disagree, even be rude, without creating instant grudges nursed forever across the board. It was much more fun.

I can only apologise for feeling a moment of shared empathy re your blog. But I did. beer
The second quote was that of the Afrikaner OP in that thread. The other Afrikaner leaves frequent personal jibes and nothing else of substance or relevance, and in consequence gets deleted. Neither of those two worthies says anything sociable or of merit in my experience, which may well be different to yours. I do not normally converse with other commenters, as I said, because doing so brings down abuse, as (and I repeat) Aussies trolls and Stooges testifies. This is not a conversation.
... and that freakish performance was followed up with yet another. A miraculous fielding/bowling performance in the first half of the final. Amazing stuff, you don't see that kind of fielding winning a match very often, and holding an India expecting to make 300+++ to a mere 240. The fielding was pure joy to watch, but the batting was initially the stuff of despair, until, until Head. One's heart goes out to India who were rightfully expecting to walk over the Aussies and walk away with the cup and 11 wins straight.
Great to see an Aussie win Farg's thumbs up the Indian cricket team were so confident right through the tournament...
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