Time to buy Christmas presents and the most expensive hand creme ever..

I have been gathering Christmas wishes from the family, so now it's time to buy the presents.

I will spend my Saturday buying the gifts, so my weekend is gonna be a bit expensive, but it will be worth it. I am able to get people what they want for Christmas - something I was unable to do when I was unemployed. Also, my sisters fiancé has a 30th birthday on December 15, so he'll get an extra gift on the 24th of December.

In other news: My hands have been very dry - to the point where my skin has been splitting, causing bleeding and pain. I bought a repair creme today, and it's 100ml, or 3.38 floz.

118 danish kroner.. That's insane, but if it helps, it'll be worth every single kroner.
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If memory serves me right, you've had this same problem before conversing

Maybe wear protective gloves when possible in the work place and keep on top of your skin condition rather than only when it erupts. Wearing white cotton gloves after applying the creme, helps.

Since you seem to be in a generous shopping mood ...
I would like an electric blanket this year for Christmas cold
Did you know superglue was originally created for first aid purposes in military battle settings?

It meant soldiers could glue small cuts and splits together and remain operational.

It's also useful when using treatments that promote accelerated healing, such as steroid creams. If you use them on broken skin you run the risk of trapping micro-organisms and developing abscesses.

I highly recommend it, particularly because it stops the pain and bleeding after the initial mild sting of application.
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