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I'm working on some video links where Trump has promised retribution to anyone who has gone against him. Soon, but not now. He's been the leader in the race for the Republican nomination. All have dropped out with the exception of Nikki Hailey who is 'hanging in there' and still has a slight chance, despite Trumps huge lead.

Top story: Trump threatens to blacklist Nikki Haley's donors.
Are you kidding me?

Former President Donald Trump threatened Wednesday to blacklist anyone who donates to Nikki Haley's presidential campaign.

Trump wrote on Truth Social that anyone who makes a contribution to the Haley campaign "from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp."

"We don't want them, and will not accept them," he added.

Gotta love that TRUTH social media platform where he can say/do anything he wants...

At least it's MAGA or nothing !!

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This is another accusation by the left that's going to backfire.
Well the left accuses Trump of being a 'cry baby' of being similar to a spoilt brat etc. etc.
Just take the latest video on ff blog, the one made made by Conway I think, not sure.
If the left knew all Trumps weaknesses etc. why on earth would they want to cry wolf when Trump THREATENS (this is what Trumps followers want to hear, THREATS) take revenge on donors? With this type of bad-mouthing by the democrats, the only person they're damaging is themselves. If you really knew Trump so well then you would surely have been one step ahead and taken appropriate action way before the THREATS were voiced by him? What steps? Like sending a message to the voters of what his intentions will be etc. Everyone knows what type of person he is, no? But with this petty accusations from MSBN? and Yahoo just proves the Democrat's don't actually know Trump at all. You guys are shooting yourself in the foot over and over again.
Blacklist from what?
The 'maga camp' confused
... what does that mean?

dafuq - is that a problem?
Now it's 'dirty politics' to say "you ain't my friend nomore" ....
This Nikki person is not welcome among folk who want real change to America.
Agree to that sentiment.
You go vote for her Chat.
You love Rhinos.
Trump 24.
How naive to suggest that someone who dislikes Trump is not a true Republican, Trump has destroyed virtually everything the GOP stood for, if he gets re-elected then the US is finished as the number one country in the world.
You're correct. Trump HAS destroyed just about everything the GOP stood for - IE forever wars, corporate domination of the party. Now those traits are firmly entrenched atop The Democrat Party. Populists ascendant thumbs up
Yeah why... The left has nothing to do with Trump's threat to his MAGA base (or Republicans for that matter) that will support Nikki Haley.
It amazes me that anyone would want a world leader who is so vindictive, Trump obviously cares little for America and Americans. All he cares about is lining his pocket and saving his fat arse.
Trump is starting to receive fallout from his comments.

“Anybody that makes a ‘Contribution’ to Birdbrain, from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp. We don’t want them, and will not accept them, because we Put America First, and ALWAYS WILL!”

That's the kind of language Trump uses and apparently his followers love him for it.
For years we all have been hearing how Trump gives names to people, rocket man etc. and the latest "birdbrain". Trying to use this against him is amusing. As I said, his followers love his lingo. laugh
That says a lot about both the followers (carefully avoiding the basket of deplorables) and the man. It is no accident that Trump stoops so low in intellectual expression, he is aware it pays dividends. It probably explains his overt racism and sexism too. They win him votes in the loud crowd.
Yip I can't argue with you on that one. As for the word 'overt' you use, I might say Trump has an overt personality. People with overt personalities are often outgoing, confident, and assertive. They may be described as being "the life of the party" or "natural leaders." They are also more likely to seek out attention and recognition.
Dayum,, now that word 'overt' has truly touched full potential.

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
You might revisit your dictionary, since you have not used it correctly or understood it. A great deal of Trump is covert. He is nothing like an open book. However he does not conceal his racism sexism or misogyny but makes a virtue of them in the eyes of his followers believing perhaps he thus will win votes.
To some extent too, perhaps, he feigns ignorance and expresses absurd ideas because many of his followers think that shows originality and innovative thinking. Trump for King might be a case in point.
And yet the moment Meatball Ron endorsed him, Trump said, “I just want to thank Ron and congratulate him on doing a very good job. He was very gracious, and he endorsed me. I appreciate that, and I also look forward to working with Ron.”

Trump can't resist affirmation and adoration no matter who it's from, so there's no permanent ban for anyone.
You should not be amaze. Take note of the people who are just like him. These are the people who supports and believe the garbage that comes out his mouth. frustrated
I have seen the people of Texas are trying to close down and police their southern border Chat, and i saw yesterday that Biden was warning them to open it up again i guess..
What's the story with this Chat ?

The Texan state maybe able to sue the US govt and all the countries govts from the southern Texas border to the Panama canal for letting refugees march through their countries to the Texas border, the Panama canal is said to be the choke point where the refugees are arriving..
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