Have you ever wondered why girls are the way they are?

Many girls on dating sites get acquainted in order to extort money from their boyfriend... and in fact, our society has come to the point that we cannot meet a truly honest and amazing person

And I’m very sorry that when you write to some person, and all he has on his mind is sex and something else that doesn’t coincide with the thoughts of that person who wants to meet and build a really strong family
What do you want?

I personally have been on this site not so long ago, but I constantly come across perverts, but I want normal communication and nothing more

If you are a good person, write to me, I would like to have a normal conversationkiss
I accept everyone as friends, for communication and maybe more
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It is a lot of work to sift through the scammers and liars. I hope you will meet someone who you can build a relationship with. I've been off and on the site since late 2005, and I've seen many relationships happen. Keep posting to the blogs and forums.

Welcome to CScswelcome
Thank you very much kind man heart1
There is a lot of riff raff here for sure. Truth is though that most dating sites are the same. Find a few friends and stick with them

Best of luck finding what you want.. you've come to the right place.
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If the first contact doesn't refer to something in your profile, it's a scam.
you need to use the Latin-Alphabet!
CS doesn't recognize any others!handshake
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No, I don’t wonder that. In fact, I got mad at fellas because they don’t want to dish out money. I’m not a gold digger but I do like my man to spoil me. I finally said so on a dating app and got what I wanted finally. No more men saying I’m broke I’m broke. Waaah! laugh

Just as long as we women do what we’re supposed to be doing men should have no problem spoiling us. dunno
Considering the arena you are playing in do you honestly believe if the blokes here could afford any of you women or any other on a date site would waste their time here getting criticized by women who don't meet their unrealistic expectations?

Granted most blokes have unrealistic expectations of the women here as well so, it makes everyone even.

Though you make a point regarding what women are supposed to be doing whatever that is but, that idea applies to the boys as well.

The golden rule still applies she who has the pu**y still makes the rule. 9 months waiting to get out of one and 90 years obsessing trying to get back into one. Go figure.
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